ABB: e-Series servo motors

October 30, 2018

ABB e-Series servo motors offer dynamic performance, compact design with absolute feedback as standard to maximise machine productivity.

The standard digital absolute high-resolution feedback devices ensure precise control and reduced settling times, reducing cycle times and maximising machine throughput. Elimination of homing cycles saves valuable set-up time, improving efficiency.

Matched performance to our MicroFlex and MotiFlex servo drives optimise efficiency and dynamics in any system, with premade cables for ‘plug and play’ installation.

Motor features

  • 200V and 400V optimised range (operation up to 480Vac)
  • Choice of high resolution feedback devices, single turn SmartInc or multi-turn SmartAbs
  • Metal circular connectors on the larger units and flying leads with connectors on the smaller frame sizes
  • 0.32Nm to 48Nm, 100W to 7.5kW in 5 frame sizes
  • Premade cables available
  • Holding brake option
  • Whole range kept in stock and on short lead time

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