SEW-EURODRIVE: Controller Hardware for Decentralized Installations

September 28, 2020

The controller for decentralized technology comes into play wherever intelligent motion functions are required in the field. This relieves the central programmable logic controller (PLC) and reduces response times.

Decentralized controller for implementation of complex motion sequences in the field

From basic motion control tasks with minimal response time requirements to complex systems with multiple axes and extremely tight sequencing, automation takes yet another step in the right direction. Operators of various systems and machines are looking for exceptionally intelligent, reliable technologies that allow for lean installations.

The controller platforms from our controller hardware portfolio are also available in designs integrated in decentralized inverters and decentralized controllers.

Because the extended MOVIFIT drive inverter and MOVIPRO application inverter is so easy to install in the field, you can design basic to complex conveyor systems in a way that is modular and therefore highly flexible.

  •    –   basic performance class: For use as a local module controller for stationary materials handling systems for basic automated tasks with speed and positioning applications.
  •    –   standard performance class: For use as a module controller with motion control functions such as positioning, average response times, and up to 16 axes
  •    –   advanced performance class: For use as a module controller with high-end motion control functions such as electronic drives and cams, short response times, and up to 16 axes


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