Save 45% On An Omron V460 ‘Just Read’ Bundle — for a Limited Time Only

July 4, 2024

Save 45% On An Omron V460 ‘Just Read’ Bundle — for a Limited Time Only

Save 45% On An Omron V460 ‘Just Read’ Bundle — for a Limited Time Only! Get ready, this bundle has got you covered with everything you need to hit the ground running. It includes:

  • The V460, “Auto-Everything,” handheld barcode reader automatically adjusts to read labels and direct part marks with ease.
  • Single-Port PoE Injector.  
  • Ethernet Communication Cables. 

This bundle is available in Canada for $2,135 CAD

List price of all components is $3,911 for a savings of more than 45%, available through July 31, 2024. This offer is limited to one bundle per customer location.

Game-Changing Barcode Reading Technology

Overcome your traceability challenges with the V460 handheld barcode reader’s intelligent technology that lets you “just read” difficult labels and direct part marks in just one click.

Save 45% On An Omron V460 ‘Just Read’ Bundle — for a Limited Time Only
Predictive Auto Focus

The V460 automatically adjusts for varying distances, different sizes, surfaces and types of barcodes.

Save 45% On An Omron V460 ‘Just Read’ Bundle — for a Limited Time Only
Intelligent Lighting

With its patented lighting, the V460 will automatically select the most suitable type and color of lighting for the barcode being read.

Save 45% On An Omron V460 ‘Just Read’ Bundle — for a Limited Time Only
Easy PLC Connections

A built-in Power-over-Ethernet port with field bus connectivity and pre-built function blocks to eliminate the need for external adapters.

Save 45% On An Omron V460 ‘Just Read’ Bundle — for a Limited Time Only
Rugged Hardware

Built to withstand the harsh treatment of the manufacturing environment with an IP-65 housing, the V460-H can withstand 50 drops to concrete from 2 meters.

How the Omron V460 Overcomes Your Traceability Challenges

See the innovations that let this barcode reader easily read tiny codes, shiny labels, DPMs on both curved surfaces and flat parts as well as metallic labels — even in limited-access areas.

Getting Started is Easy. And, Omron Experts Are Ready to Help.

When you work with Omron, you have the whole team behind you.

  • They have engineers with specialties in scanning and other traceability technologies who can help you design, test and implement broader traceability solutions.
  • They offer seminars to help broader teams quickly adopt new products and fast-track new efficiencies.
  • Their pre-made function blocks make it easy to connect and share data with any system.

Designed and Built By Experts

Holders of the Data Matrix Patent

The Data Matrix barcode patent, held by Omron Microscan, is one among multiple innovations.

35 Years and 100+ Patents

Omron benefits from over 100 technology patents and over 35 years of barcode reading excellence and experience.

Full Traceability Solution Provider

Omron is the only manufacturer to provide traceability products that create the full solution from barcode to cloud.


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