Pilz Servo Amplifiers PMC SI6 and PMC SC6

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November 12, 2021


With the servo amplifiers PMC SC6 and PMC SI6 you benefit from flexible, combinable drive controllers in a compact design. For six axes in the control cabinet you need an overall width of just 180 mm!

Fast commissioning of the PMC SI6 and PMC SC6 is achieved by means of the electronic motor nameplate, which provides all mechanically and electronically relevant motor data in digital form – easily and with safe parameter settings.

The drive controllers can be connected via all Ethernet-based communication protocols, such as EtherCAT and PROFINET for example.


Servo amplifier PMC S16 multi-axis system

With the compact servo amplifiers PMC SI6 you have a scalable multi-axis solution, which is particularly suitable for use in large plant and machinery from four axes upwards. At a width of just 45 mm, you save valuable space in the control cabinet. The servo amplifiers are available as single and double-axis controllers and are powered via the power supply PMC PS6, which is available in two different power supply sizes. Scalability of the power supply is achieved thanks to the ability to operate several power supplies in parallel. An asymmetrical rated current load is possible when using dual-axis modules. This enables you to reduce type diversity and therefore stockholdings. The multi-axis system can be scaled to fit every application and can therefore be combined to form a powerful multi-axis system with a narrow width.


Servo amplifier PMC SC6 compact system

The servo amplifiers PMC SC6 provide an expandable stand-alone solution, which is ideal for use in compact plant and machinery with two to four axes. This too represents a space-saving solution for your control cabinet, with a width of just 45 mm. The servo amplifiers have an integrated power supply and, as single and dual-axis controllers, are available for both asynchronous and synchronous servo motors. With the option of intermediate circuit connection, the servo amplifiers PMC SC6 use the energy generated by a drive as motor energy for a different drive and are therefore particularly energy efficient.


Benefits of the servo amplifiers PMC SI6 and PMC SC6

  • Single or dual-axis controllers with a rated output current of up to 50 A (PMC SI6) or 19 A (PMC SC6) and 250% overload capacity
  • One-cable solution saves space and costs
  • Integrated EtherCAT or PROFINET communication
  • Drive-integrated safety functions up to PL e [KS1] [EV2] [KS3]
  • Integrated brake controller
  • Asymmetrical rated power consumption on dual-axis controllers when operating motors with different ratings

Features of the servo amplifiers PMC SI6 and PMC SC6

  • Compact dimensions from 45 x 343 x 265 (W x H x D in mm)
  • Interfaces: EtherCAT, PROFINET
  • Safety functions: STO, SS1 (terminals, FSoE)
  • Number of digital inputs: 8
  • Encoder interfaces: EnDat 2.2, EnDat 2.1 (12 VDC), SSI, incremental TTL, incremental HTL, pulse/direction HTL, resolver

Servo amplifier for multi-axis applications

With the servo amplifiers PMC SI6 and PMC SC6 you have the optimum solution for multi-axis applications in compact to large plant and machinery: 

for compact plant and machinery with two to four axes, the stand-alone drive controller PMC SC6 is the optimum choice. On machines with more than two axes, it can be expanded using axis modules from the PMC SI6 series. This series-technology axis module is supplied with energy via the intermediate circuit connection of the stand-alone drive controller PMC SC6, so it does not require its own power supply unit. The result is a cost-saving solution. 

Large plant and machinery with more than 4 axes use the scalable multi-axis solution with the servo amplifiers PMC SI6.

In conjunction with our motion control system PMCprimo, the servo motors PMC EZ and the configurable, safe small controller PNOZmulti 2, you have a complete, economical, one-stop solution.


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