Downtime Shouldn’t be an Option! Introducing Panduit’s New Enclosure

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January 13, 2022


The PanZone® TrueEdge™ Wall Mount Enclosure is used in a variety of locations and industries such as manufacturing plants, education, healthcare, offices, Edge computing, and small offices. Now, more than ever, extended periods of downtime are not an option, especially for hospitals. The new, PanZone® TrueEdge™ Wall Mount Enclosure greatly reduces network downtime and delivers a variety of customization opportunities to ensure ease and reliability. 

Network Enclosures are used in a variety of indoor, low profile, high density, applications and provide security for a wide range of system equipment such as: switches, servers, gateways, power supplies, etc. The PanZone® TrueEdgeTM Vertical Wall Mount Enclosure mounts traditional horizontal equipment vertically on a wall and, in tandem, minimizing network infrastructure investment by providing a solution to eliminate a rack or cabinet (TR in a BOX and Micro Data Center).

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The PanZone® Wall Mount Enclosure features include:

  • •Strength – load rating up to 400 lbs.
  • •Perforated top and bottom for optimal thermal capacity
  • •Space – equipment depth for up to 36″
  • •Switch or server
  • •Removable top and bottom for easy equipment access
  • •Vertical equipment mounting
  • •Hassel free bracket system for easy configuration based on user preference
  • •High density
  • •0 RU vertical patching
  • •Security – locking swing handle
  • •Scalable – offered in three different active RU sizes
  • •Various accessories available for functionality and protection


The PanZone® TrueEdgeTM Wall Mount Enclosure is used in a variety of locations and industries such as manufacturing plants, education, healthcare, offices, Edge computing, and small offices. Panduit developed a low-profile, high-capacity solution that encourages the ability to expand while maintaining efficiency with your network equipment.

1. Switch Configuration – Utilizing the angled patch panel bracket provided at the top of the enclosure provides a high-density solution for network connections. Mounting switches vertically on the E-rails below the patch panel provides easy cable routing from patch panel to switch. It
is recommended to use a small diameter 1 – 1 patching solution with configurations to maintain optimal airflow.

2. Edge Computing/Server Configuration – Moving the tool-less E-Rail brackets to the top of the enclosure allows for a maximum equipment depth of 36″. Mounting the front of the server upward on these E-rails allows for optimal air flow and the secure, removable cover provides easy installation and equipment access. Utilizing additional E-rail brackets, switches or other rack mounted equipment (PDU, UPS) can be mounted at a lower height and the 0 RU vertical patch panel brackets can be used to provide adequate patching. Thermally, the 9 RU enclosure is tested to withstand beyond 4,000W (13650 BTU/h) of dissipated heat from active equipment and fan kits can be installed to boost airflow.

PanZone® TrueEdgeTM Wall Mount Enclosure Thermal Solutions

Dissipated heat that comes with the consumption of power by electronic endpoint devices such as switches, servers, UPS, etc. plays a major role in the performance of the equipment. Airflow and internal enclosure temperature are a major concern and should be addressed as part of the deployment plan in order to avoid overheating of equipment and preventing network failures.

Some of the current cooling solutions in the market include louvers, minimal perforation, and fan kits. All these solutions provide airflow, but not enough airflow to dissipate the heat generated by the high-density of power that the equipment is generating. For example, A 6 RU enclosure allows for 6 RU of active equipment, but it is the thermal capability of the enclosure that defines the type of equipment that can be mounted in the enclosure. The PanZone® TrueEdgeTM Wall Mount Enclosure’s engineered design is thermally tested to withstand the maximum amount of heat output with minimal limitations on the equipment being used. The perforated top and bottom draw cool air in from the top and the equipment and added fans push the hot air out through the bottom of the enclosure, guaranteeing top network performance.


To learn more about Panduit’s New PanZone® TrueEdge™ Wall Mount Enclosure, click here


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