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ArmorBlock 5000 I/O Blocks 

June 22, 2023

ArmorBlock 5000 I/O Blocks 

Imagine having the flexibility to meet challenging application needs with minimal operation disruption and cost. Rockwell Automation’s ArmorBlock 5000™ I/O blocks integrated with IO-Link technology can help you achieve that.

Designed for On-Machine™ use in harsh environments, their ArmorBlock 5000 I/O solution offers the scalability that will help reduce total installation time and cost and unplanned downtime. The industrially-hardened blocks offer rating up to IP69K, three power variants, flexible mounting options, and IO-Link Class A and Class B ports. Also, the distributed I/O blocks are integrated with Studio 5000® design software to provide exceptional performance and ease in manufacturing.

Simpler. Faster. More intuitive.  

Discover Rockwell Automation’s new ArmorBlock 5000 I/O blocks built with IO-Link technology, an On-Machine distributed I/O solution designed to simplify smart machine development and optimize operational productivity.

Our IO-Link enabled I/O blocks provide greater flexibility to meet demanding application requirements while minimizing engineering time and cost.     

How can Rockwell Automation’s On-Machine distributed I/O solution benefit machine builders?

The modular ArmorBlock 5000 I/O can help:

  • Enhance device integration and system agility through IO-Link capabilities 
  • Minimize downtime through easy distributed monitoring and control
  • Ease maintenance and troubleshooting with diagnostic data
  • Save installation time with flexible mounting options and reduced wiring
  • Speed up setup and commissioning using the intuitive and familiar Logix environment

Enable smart machines for The Connected Enterprise

The high-performance ArmorBlock 5000 I/O blocks can improve uptime and boost efficiency, which can help your machine operate more effectively.  

  • Simplify engineering through seamless IO-Link device integration and replacement 
  • Deliver insightful data in real time for informed decision-making
  • Support high-speed motion control applications with rating up to IP69K rating
  • Optimize for On-Machine use, which helps to reduce wiring and cabinet space
ArmorBlock 5000 I/O Blocks

Engineered for better durability

Keeping your machines and equipment clean is a must. ArmorBlock 5000 I/O blocks are designed to withstand water wash down, so it’s appropriate for your most demanding applications. More than that, ArmorBlock 5000 I/O with IO-Link Technology helps to optimize maintenance and troubleshooting, which helps improve productivity and flexibility. 

Features and Benefits

  • Meets a wide range of regional and industry needs with Mini 4-pin, Mini 5-pin, and L-coded power variants 
  • Reduces installation footprint with up to 8 IO-Link channels, 12 digital inputs, and 16 outputs
  • Provides better visibility with well-positioned light-emitting diode (LED) for block and/or channel level diagnostics, which can help reduce machine downtime 
  • Offers rating up to IP69K for On-Machine use 
  • Eases setup and commissioning in an intuitive Logix environment
  • Provides a highly integrated IO-Link distributed I/O solution for ControlLogix® 5580, CompactLogix™ 5380, and CompactLogix 5480 controllers 
  • Works with Studio 5000 Logix Designer® application version 35 or later 
  • Provides efficient installation and replacement via plug and play
  • Offers flexible mounting installation
ArmorBlock 5000 I/O IO-Link master
  • Eases configuration with common tag structure and configuration workflow 
  • Offers four IO-Link Class A and four IO-Link Class B ports 
  • Drives Class B output device up to 2A with an isolated high current output channel 
  • Supports IO-Link protocol 1.1.3

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ArmorBlock 5000 I/O Blocks

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