Eight Reasons That Makes WEG an Ideal Partner for Construction Companies


March 16, 2021

Combining expertise and innovation, WEG´s main goal is to continually provide top quality products and efficient solutions for the customers. That is why WEG stands out as an ideal partner for construction companies. Combining expertise and innovation, WEG´s main goal is to continually provide top quality products and efficient solutions for the customers. That is why WEG stands out as an ideal partner for construction companies.

The following are some reasons proving that, by entering into a partnership with WEG, your business will be highly benefited.

1.WEG counts on a manufacture footprint all over the world.

We know how much the builders usually face problems with the lack of products on the market. But with WEG, your builder is guaranteed to always have the products you need for prompt delivery. With 47 factories located in 12 countries, WEG manages to manufacture its products ever closer to its customers. With a strong structure available to meet customers´ demands, you have not only the necessary quantity of products, but also the quality you want.

2.WEG supplies recognized quality products.

If the lack of products on the market is already a problem that many construction companies have to face, finding quality products is another even more serious task. If you face such problem, remember that WEG can offer you recognized quality products. In addition to that, the Company is committed to developing products in accordance with international quality parameters. Proof of this is a package of Management System certifications evidencing the Company quality such as: IATF 16949, IEC 60079, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001.

3.WEG has a wide distribution network

WEG has a well-distributed network of Commercial Operations located in 36 countries and Distributors in over 120 countries to serve the construction companies at any time and for any need they may have.

4.WEG offers support in engineered solutions

Another differential of WEG is that the Company technical personnel is available to support builders with engineered solutions such as low and high voltage standard motors, special feature motors based on customer’s needs, panels, SKID mobile substations, special paints, among others.

5.WEG has built an international reputation as a global player

Starting the business 60 years, WEG has built a global market coverage with Manufacturing Sites in 12 countries, Commercial Operations in 36 countries and Distributors in over 120 countries. With consistent and sustainable growth along its history, WEG has expanded the business globally with technical expertise and solid experience in such a way the company can provide today products and package solutions for all market segments in the industry.

6.Building partnership with WEG means strong reliability

In addition to decades of experience and reputation in the market, reliability is another reason that makes WEG as an ideal partner for construction companies. With broad market credibility, prompt service support, and commitment to its initiatives, WEG has built long-term partnerships focused on improving customers´ satisfaction.

7.WEG is committed to sustainability

WEG is fully committed to sustainability, ethics and integrity initiatives. For this reason, WEG’s Operations are guided by the search for continuous and sustainable growth, development of innovative solutions that cause low environmental impact and values such as transparency and interaction with local communities.

8.WEG offers a complete product portfolio

Another major reason that makes WEG an ideal partner for construction companies is its complete product portfolio offered to the market. WEG´s strategy that is structured in five main business divisions allows the Company to offer a wide range of products for different customers´ needs including: Motors and Gearboxes: industrial, commercial, appliance, gearboxes and geared motors; Automation Technologies: drives, soft-starters, controls, panels; Power Generation: wind, solar, thermal and hydro power); Transmission and Distribution: power and distribution transformers, substations, power reactors; Coatings: industrial liquid and powder paints and insulating varnishes.


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