Smart IO-Link Photoelectric Laser Sensors for Challenging Applications

November 7, 2023

Smart IO-Link Photoelectric Laser Sensors for Challenging Applications

Carlo Gavazzi is excited to introduce the new series of LD30..PBR…IO Photoelectric Laser Sensors with IO-Link. 

Carlo Gavazzi is excited to introduce the new series of LD30..PBR…IO Photoelectric Laser Sensors with IO-Link. This new sensor series offers the most functionality in a single photoelectric sensor on the market. Endless unique configurations, preventative maintenance capabilities, and application functions provide customers with unparalleled flexibility for challenging applications.

Carlo Gavazzi’s exceptional background and foreground sensing principles, combined with a 1mm diameter focused visible red laser allows detection of small objects or holes over long distances (up to 600mm) or close to a background. Combined with the new dual detection sensing principle, the LD30..PBR…IO Photoelectric Laser Sensors with IO-Link can detect clear materials without a reflector. Thanks to easy and complete customization of the sensors, these sensing principles (and more) can be adjusted based on customer needs. This flexibility within a single sensor reduces inventory while increasing accessibility on-hand for a variety of applications.

Developed to operate in both IO-Link environments as well as in traditional automation systems, the new LD30..PBR…IO Photoelectric Laser Sensors with IO-Link offers four unique, predefined, and selectable application functions: speed and length, pattern recognition, divider function, and object and gap monitoring. These integrated functions help customers with additional data and decentralized controls, which are essential for optimizing the production process, and simplifying the machine control system layout. In addition, the focus is on predictive maintenance with features such as: dual detection, quality of run (QoR), quality of teach (QoT), temperature and dust alarms, excess gain and auto adjustment. These are valuable tools to avoid downtime through early warning and even allow scheduling of planned maintenance prior to failure.

Main technical features include:

  • Class 1, ⌀ 1mm visible red laser beam
  • 100mm, 300mm, and 600mm sensing distances
  • Selectable background suppression, foreground suppression, or dual detection sensing
  • IP69K ECOLAB approved stainless steel AISI316L housing or IP67 plastic housing 
  • Predefined selectable application functions
  • Easily configurable using IO-Link ver 1.1

The LD30..PBR…IO Photoelectric Laser Sensors with IO-Link provide a flexible solution with accurate detection of objects of different sizes, shapes, or surface textures particularly in industries like Packaging, Material Handling, Food and Beverage, and Machine Tooling. More information is available from Carlo Gavazzi’s network of sales offices and distributors in the Americas, or from www.GavazziOnline.com

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