Nidec Powertrain Systems Develops New Clutch Control Module for HEVs

September 5, 2023

Nidec Powertrain Systems Develops New Clutch Control Module for HEVs

Nidec Powertrain Systems Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nidec Corporation, has announced that it has developed a new clutch control module for hybrid electric vehicles (“HEVs”).

Nidec Powertrain Systems’ Latest Clutch Control Module

While the demand for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) is increasing amid the increasingly strict environmental regulations, HEVs’ market share remains high due to battery recharging infrastructure, battery capacity, and other issues with BEVs. Nidec Powertrain Systems’ latest product is for the powertrain units of the strong hybrid system – whose power is supplied by a motor when a car is in a low-speed running or an accelerating mode, and by an engine when the vehicle is running at high speed – and switches clutches when power source is shifted from the motor to the engine.

A company that has long been owning advanced technologies for linear solenoid valves for aluminum die-casting and hydraulic control, and on-off solenoid valves to switch hydraulic pressure, Nidec Powertrain System has been manufacturing, among others, control valves for Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and chasses for automotive components. With the use of resin solenoid, this newly developed clutch control unit is 35% lighter than the Company’s existing products. In addition, this module’s die-casting components can be designed flexibly based on customer-requested functions and layouts.

As a member of the world’s leading comprehensive motor manufacturing group, Nidec Powertrain Systems stays committed to utilizing its world-leading component machining technology to develop products, and proposing, at an overwhelming speed, groundbreaking solutions that contribute to the evolution of automobiles.


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