MEP: Max Motion Three Phase All-In-One 56HC AC Motors

September 28, 2020

A versatile design allowing replacement of C-Face or rigid base TEFC motors, for use on gear reducers, pumps, fans, blowers, conveyors, and all agricultural equipment requiring a motor to meet demanding high starting torque applications in severe environmental conditions.


  •    –   Design – NEMA Standard MG-1, design B, ambient temperature of 40°C, altitude 1000M, temperature rise B.
  •    –   Agency Listings and Standard – NEMA MG1, IEEE, IEC, DOE registered, NRCan, CSAus and CSA Certified, CE and RoHS Compliant
  •    –   Service Factor – 1.15
  •    –   Electrical Supply – 3 phase, 230/460VAC, 575VAC @ 60 hz, 3 phase 190/380VAC @ 50 Hz rated to the next lower HP. (± 10% Voltage tolerance)
  •    –   Windings – Highest quality Corona resistant, Inverter duty copper wire. VPI impregnated with additional dip and bake.
  •    –   Efficiency – Integral HP models meet or exceed NEMA Premium efficiency levels.
  •    –   Insulation – Class F insulation, with non-hydroscopic motor leads.
  •    –   Bearings – Permanently Lubricated High quality Double Shielded Ball Bearings with oversized DE bearings. Lithium based grease operating temperature range – 25° through 175°C.
  •    –   Enclosure Protection – IP55
  •    –   Frame Construction – Rolled Steel with cast aluminum end shields.
  •    –   Conduit Box – With ½ NPT knockouts positioned for wiring access every 90° with rubber gasket between box and motor frame.
  •    –   Inverter Duty – Constant torque: 10/1 ratio, variable torque: 20/1 ratio
  •    –   Nameplate – Stainless steel with etched details.
  •    –   Drain Hole – Positioned in the stator frame at the lowest point, when motors a horizontally mounted.
  •    –   Fan cover – Plastic fan & heavy duty plastic fan guard
  •    –   Warranty – 1 year


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