F440: The Latest in High-Resolution Compact Smart Cameras

The F440 Smart Camera is the latest in high-resolution compact smart cameras from Omron Automation.

June 19, 2023

F440: The Latest in High-Resolution Compact Smart Cameras

The F440 is the latest in high-resolution compact smart cameras from Omron Automation. Featuring a 5 MP Global Shutter sensor, this fully contained vision system can tackle even the most difficult machine vision applications.

The Omron F440 is the latest offering in Omron’s smart camera product line, combining Omron’s top-of-the-line mechanical design with the power and ease of use of the AutoVISION software platform. The Omron F440 Smart Camera features a state-of-the-art Sony Pregius 5 MP Global shutter sensor with 35 frames per second. The F440 excels in applications looking to embed a smart camera inside of a machine and features a small form factor ideal for OEMs & other companies who need a top-of-the-line smart camera in a small package without sacrificing power or quality.

Omron’s brand new F440 Smart Camera gives vision engineers a state-of-the-art 5 MP global shutter resolution camera with all the benefits and features of a fully contained vision system. The F440 features a plethora of options in accessories allowing the user to choose their own lensing, lighting, cabling, and everything in between. By allowing the user to customize their optics and lighting to their exact specifications (thanks to the industry standard C Lens Mount) this makes the F440 Smart Camera one of the most sought-after smart cameras for any OEM company that needs to embed a camera into their machine without the use of a PC for software.

The Omron F440 Smart Camera comes native with the AutoVISION Software platform and has three different levels of capability based on what is required for the application. The AutoVISION Software platform boasts twelve simple-to-use tools that allow users to quickly setup the software in only 3 steps. The AutoVISION Machine Vision software combined with the extremely small 40 x 61mm form factor makes the F440 a true powerhouse of a smart camera that can handle even the most demanding of machine vision applications.

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Four Reasons Why Omron’s F440 Is the Perfect Smart Camera for Embedded Applications

Many applications in the life science, food and commodity, and other industries require small-form-factor smart cameras to be embedded within a machine. Understandably OEMs with s such needs are looking for smart camera technology that can fit in cramped spaces without sacrificing power or quality. 

Omron’s new F440, which is the latest offering in their smart camera product line, combines top-of-the-line mechanical design with the AutoVISION software platform’s power and ease of use. The F440 features a state-of-the-art, high resolution Sony Pregius 5 MP global shutter vision sensor with 35 frames per second.

This article takes a look at a few reasons why the F440 is ideal for embedded applications like cap inspection, fill level inspection, box count, label and barcode reading, optical character recognition (OCR) and verification (OCV), measurement, count, location, decoding, presence/absence, and more.

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