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Emerson Visualization and Automation Solutions Underpin a Marine Demonstration Configuration

July 3, 2024

Emerson Visualization and Automation Solutions Underpin a Marine Demonstration Configuration

Emerson now offers a free template configuration for marine applications, based on its Movicon.NExTTM HMI/SCADA system, and its PACSystemsTM edge controllers, industrial panel PCs, and other control and networking products. This marine demonstration configuration provides a comprehensive user visualization and interface experience, and it is available free of charge so designers and shipbuilders can accelerate their efforts to deliver a thoroughly modern and unified “single pane of glass” shipboard monitoring and control system.

Marine industry vessels like superyachts and ships may encompass as much automation complexity as a factory or a small city. Monitoring and control requirements are diverse, including subsystems used for propulsion, power delivery, climate control, machinery health supervision, security, and more. However, functionality is typically fragmented, and integration efforts must employ various digital communication protocols and hardwired signals. Furthermore, any visualization system must be designed for always-on operation, even under challenging marine conditions.

These superyacht and ship characteristics are remarkably similar to the conditions found in a typical manufacturing factory, so it makes sense that industrial-grade Emerson automation technologies are an ideal fit for robust shipboard monitoring and control. The marine demo runs on redundant edge controllers and industrial panel PCs, which is a proven architecture well-suited for reliable and resilient operation.

Emerson edge controllers incorporate operational technology (OT) communication protocols, and they are adaptable to specialized marine industry protocols, so all instruments, devices, and subsystems can be integrated. Information technology (IT) protocols are optimized for conveying a large amount of data efficiently to and among PCs, supporting historizing, alarming, visualization, and other functionality. A self-healing PROFINET ring for accessing remote I/O, and redundant IT switches and rings, ensure uninterrupted communications amongst all devices. Data security is addressed because the HMI/SCADA solution carries IEC 62443-3-3 certification.

The marine demo has been developed by Emerson with numerous sample dashboards and displays, following a modern aesthetic to deliver unprecedented amounts of information in a streamlined format. Examples of systems and equipment supported include propulsion and Marex controls, electrical power generation/management, valve controls and tank volumes, schematics, fire detection, exterior/navigational lighting, interior lighting, CCTV, HVAC, alarms, data logging, and more.

A video depicting the marine demo is viewable at https://videos.emerson.com/detail/video/6350792661112/

Digital transformation is being implemented throughout factories worldwide so users can experience better visualization and gain access to valuable data-driven insights. These same technologies are coming to seagoing vessels, and industrial automation and HMI/SCADA platforms are a superior choice. The Emerson marine demo combines proven hardware, software, and networking—providing a wealth of sample displays and concepts, which marine developers can use as templates for accelerating their designs.

More Information

To learn more about Emerson Movicon.NExTTM SCADA system and PACSystemTM controllers, please visit https://www.emerson.com/en-in/automation/control-and-safety-systems/movicon and https://www.emerson.com/en-in/automation/control-and-safety-systems/programmable-automation-control-systems.

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