Ontario Strengthening Mining Industry in Northern Ontario

March 7, 2024

Ontario Strengthening Mining Industry in Northern Ontario

Province investing in mining supply and service sector companies

The Ontario government is providing more than $3.7 million through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) to 11 mining supply and service sector companies in Northern Ontario. This investment is promoting innovation, workplace safety, business development and job creation in the mining industry.

“Our government continues to send a strong signal to the world that Northern Ontario is open for business, and we are using every tool at our disposal, like the NOHFC, to attract businesses and support economic diversification in the mining sector,” said Greg Rickford, Minister of Northern Development. “Ontario’s presence at this year’s Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada conference and trade show in Toronto – the world’s premier mineral exploration and mining convention – is proof of the opportunities that our targeted investments have unlocked across the North.”

The NOHFC is funding the following projects:

  • $894,000 for Itec 2000 Equipment (Timmins) Inc. – a supplier of heavy equipment products and services – to expand into Timmins by acquiring and renovating a building and purchasing equipment
  • $759,573 for A10 Fabrication – an Espanola-based custom design and manufacturing business servicing the mining and forestry sectors – to expand its operations by acquiring and renovating a new property and purchasing equipment
  • $599,893 for NCIndustrial Limited – a Lively-based manufacturer, distributor, and repair depot for heavy industrial products used in the mining, construction, and heavy industrial sectors – to improve productivity by purchasing equipment and reconfiguring its facility
  • $400,000 for Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. – a New Liskeard-based manufacturer of loading and conveyance systems for the mining industry – to expand its product and service offerings by modernizing its facility and purchasing equipment
  • $250,000 for Shaft Sinking Engineered Products Ltd. – a Sudbury-based mining technology business – to develop and test a mucking machine that will automate the development of mine shafts and shaft stations, making mining operations safer and more economical
  • $215,298 for B&D Manufacturing Ltd. – a Chelmsford-based design and fabrication company for mining and construction equipment – to increase production efficiency by purchasing equipment
  • $200,000 for Norsmiths Mining Solutions to establish, in Kirkland Lake, a drill bits and hammer reconditioning business servicing mining companies
  • $143,638 for Nordic Minesteel Technologies Inc. – a North Bay-based solution design company for manufacturing in the mining sector – to develop and test a device that makes the hoisting of persons in mine shafts safer and more economical
  • $101,835 for Cool Heat – a Timmins-based heavy equipment heating and cooling systems services provider for the mining and forestry industries – to improve operational efficiencies by purchasing equipment and building a new shop
  • $100,620 for Titans Mechanical Inc. to establish, in Timmins, a mobile mechanical repair services business for heavy-duty mining equipment and vehicles
  • $79,282 for the Northern Centre for Advanced Technology (NORCAT) Timmins – a non-profit organization that develops and provides workplace productivity and safety programs, services, and resources – to increase its in-house training capacity by renovating its facility and purchasing equipment.

“Mining supply and service companies are essential to the success of operations that create wealth and prosperity for the North,” said George Pirie, Minister of Mines, and Member of Provincial Parliament for Timmins. “This announcement includes important investments in great companies in Timmins that service mining operations across the northeast. I am proud to be part of a government that invests in local businesses that ensure Ontario’s mines can keep running for generations to come.”

“These companies, including Nordic Minesteel Technologies in North Bay, are making important contributions to our province’s mining industry and maximizing the potential of the critical mineral wealth found in the North,” said Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, and Member of Provincial Parliament for Nipissing. “Through the NOHFC, our government is creating the conditions for job creation, attracting new investments and driving economic development across Northern Ontario.”

The NOHFC promotes economic prosperity across Northern Ontario by providing financial assistance to projects – big and small, rural and urban – that stimulate growth, job creation and skills development. Since June 2018, the NOHFC has invested more than $759 million in 6,233 projects in Northern Ontario, leveraging more than $2.3 billion in investment and creating or sustaining over 9,590 jobs.

Quick Facts

  • The Ontario government launched new and improved NOHFC programs that support more projects in rural northern communities and make it easier for more people and businesses to apply. The programs target existing and emerging markets, provide more work opportunities for Indigenous people and address the skilled labour shortage in the North.


“The financial support for Itec 2000 Equipment (Timmins) Inc.’s building and equipment has enabled the company to increase its revenue growth by expanding its offerings in Timmins and exceed its projected staffing growth by more than 25 per cent. Itec looks forward to continuing to support Timmins and surrounding heavy equipment marketplace thanks to this NOHFC support.”

– Ray Jarvinen
President, Itec 2000 Equipment (Timmins) Inc.

“Thanks to funding from NOHFC, NCIndustrial Limited has been able to fast track the development of our manufacturing infrastructure. Many of our projects used to require outsourcing, often to larger industrial segments in other parts of the province; this is no longer required. As we continue with the plans to develop our manufacturing capabilities with the help of the NOHFC, we will soon be attracting business from the South.”

– Leah Legault
Controller, NCIndustrial Limited

“NOHFC funding is instrumental in allowing Wabi to proceed with critically important upgrades that contribute to improved productivity, superior quality products, and lower costs. Thanks to the support of the Ontario Government, and NOHFC specifically, Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. is on its way to becoming one of the cleanest, most efficient and versatile foundry operations in North America. We thank the Ministry of Northern Development, NOHFC board and Minister Greg Rickford for their vision and steadfast support of economic development in Northern Ontario.”

– Jeremy Birnie
Chief Executive Officer, Wabi Iron & Steel Corp.

“Funding from the NOHFC has made it possible for Shaft Sinking Engineered Products to focus on designing and building the safest and most advanced machine of its kind. This project will undoubtedly improve the working conditions for workers in any operational setting and protect those same environments from pollution.”

– Nick Dickson
Lead Designer and Owner, Shaft Sinking Engineered Products Ltd.

“NOHFC’s investment has enabled B&D Manufacturing Ltd. to automate several manufacturing processes that increase safety and efficiency. Automation has allowed B&D to increase capacity to meet the domestic and international demand of our products. Already, six new hires are being trained, with additional hires being recruited as production capacity increases. B&D deeply appreciates this strategic investment in the expansion of our business.”

– Marie Rose Dubois
Owner and Operator, B&D Manufacturing Ltd.

“The current economic marketplace has its challenges, but the vibrant future of northern communities will only come through the skills and effort of local entrepreneurs partnered with the financial support and long-term vision to which our Ontario government is committed. As a new business seeking to serve the mining sector in Northern Ontario, Norsmiths Mining Solutions greatly appreciates the investment and support of the NOHFC as it seeks to fulfil its vision of being from the North, for the North.”

– Dixitkumar Patel
Chief Administrative Officer and Owner, Norsmiths Mining Solutions

“Nordic Minesteel Technologies continues to innovate safe and effective solutions for the challenges that our mining clients face in their operations. NOHFC’s financial support helps us grow our team and remain competitive while we address the needs of our clients and provide long-term solutions for the industry. Thank you NOHFC for your ongoing support and the confidence you have shown in our company.”

– Ronald Elliott
President and Chief Executive Officer, Nordic Minesteel Technologies Inc.

“The funding from the NOHFC will enable Cool Heat to expand its operations, enhancing its ability to serve the region and meet the industrial heating and cooling requirements of both local communities and the broader Northern Ontario area.”

– Dave Savard
Owner, Cool Heat

“NOHFC’s unwavering support for small businesses has empowered growth and innovation in our small community. This grant has provided us with a lifeline, propelling us towards success and we hope to make a lasting impact here in Timmins. Thank you for being a catalyst for positive change in our entrepreneurial journey and the community.”

– David Subryan and Priscilla Kistnen
Owner and Operator, and Chief Executive Officer and Business Liaison, Titans Mechanical Inc

“Thanks to the NOHFC funding we’ve received, NORCAT Timmins is currently undergoing renovations to enhance our training facility. We will be transforming smaller, outdated office spaces into spacious and modern classrooms and boardrooms. By extension, this will allow us to accommodate bigger class sizes, fostering improved interaction among trainees with diverse experience levels and job descriptions, all learning from a unified curriculum.”

– Matt Foy
General Manager, NORCAT Timmins


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