Teledyne FLIR Expands Si124 Acoustic Imaging Capabilities for High Voltage Electrical with FLIR Thermal Studio Software

MC Teledyne FLIR Expands Si124 Acoustic Imaging 1 400

March 17, 2022


Teledyne FLIR has announced the addition of FLIR Thermal Studio Software Suite to the entire family of FLIR Si124 Industrial Acoustic Imaging Cameras: the Si124, the Si124-LD, and the Si124-PD. The software integration offers Si124 users additional, advanced troubleshooting and processing features for predictive maintenance on critical components includinghigh-voltage electrical or compressed air systems, providing increased productivityand streamlined analysis.

FLIR Thermal Studio Software Suite empowers operators to quickly build professional inspection reports, includingwith more than 100 images withinfully customizable templates, overlays, and formulas. Advanced features includebatch processing and Magic Wand accelerate post-processing tasks for streamlined thermal analysis, with the added ability to enhance thermal video by analyzing, recording, segmenting, and editing footagein the software. The added value of offline reporting provides a complete detection and analysis package for the easy-to-use and high-performance family ofacoustic imaging cameras.

For operators already leveraging Thermal Studio Suiteon other thermal imaging devices, they can now create a single report using imagery from multiple devices, including any of the Si124 family of cameras. They also enjoy the ability to customizetemplates and combine sound imaging and thermal imaging assets intoone. Users can preview, open, and process images,thenadjustthem inthe reportwhile still conducting inspections.

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“The recent FLIR Si124 camera family expansion providestailored solutions specific for compressed air leak detection or particle discharge detection to end-users ranging from utility infrastructure to plant environments,at a fraction of a cost,” said Rob Milner, global business development manager, condition monitoring, Teledyne FLIR. “Now, with the integration ofFLIR Thermal Studio Software Suite, users can enjoyadvanced processing features and unchallenged reporting capabilities like leak quantification, partial discharge severity assessment, and reporting options inboth thermal and acoustic images to create a swift classification and quantification process.”

FLIR Si124The flagship FLIR Si124 locates pressurizedleaks in compressed air systems and detects partial discharge or corona from high-voltage electrical systems, offering the widest range of capabilities in one package. The lightweight, one-handed solution with 124 microphones can identify issues from up to 130 meters (430 feet) and 10 times faster than traditional detection methodsviaa precise acoustic image that visually displays ultrasonic informationupon a visible image. The camera empowers inspectors topinpoint a sound source, even in loud industrial or bright outdoor environments. For more, click here 

Si124-PD for Partial Discharge DetectionThe FLIR Si124-PD is specifically designed for electrical and utility inspection, featuringautomatic electrical fault classification for partial discharge issues, including surface discharge, floating discharge, and discharge into air. With the PD Severity Assessment software feature, users can also input the kind of component, the equipment voltage, and the distance from the component to get a severity assessment specific to those parameters. This feature is included within the FLIR Acoustic Camera Viewer cloud softwareincluded with the camera. For more, click here 

Si124-LD for Compressed Air Leak DetectionThe Si124-LD features real-time, on-device leak sizing and cost analytics, allowing users to instantly view the leak rate onscreen as it occurs, either in liters per minute (l/min) or cubic feet per minute (CFM), and to quantify leak size. This feature provides a quick assessment of how much air is being lost and estimated cost savings from fixing the issue. As part of a regular maintenance program,organizations can extend the life and efficiency of existing compressors while reducing the need to install new units all whilelowering electricity costs. For more, click here

The FLIR Si124-PD, Si124-LD, and original Si124 Industrial Acoustic Imaging Camera models with FLIR Thermal Studio Software Suite are available for purchase globally from Teledyne FLIR and its authorized dealers. To learn more or to purchase, click here


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