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Safety Locking Device PSENslock / PSENslock 2

January 29, 2024

Safety Locking Device PSENslock / PSENslock 2

More productivity through robust guard locking

Need safety gate monitoring with process guarding for your movable guard? With the electromechanical safety locking device PSENslock / PSENslock 2, you can safeguard both swing gates and sliding gates, as well as covers and flaps efficiently, up to the highest category PL e, Cat. 4 of EN ISO 13849. Manipulation protection on the RFID safety switch offers reliable process protection for maximum productivity.

Electromechanical safety locking device PSENslock 2 – The new generation

The safety locking device PSENslock is already tried and tested for process protection on plant and machinery. Based on this, the new generation PSENslock 2 brings a whole host of new features – for efficient process guarding, even in rugged environmental conditions: 

The safety locking device PSENslock 2 offers a maximum holding force of either 1000 or 2000 N. With protection type IP67 / IP6K9K, PSENslock 2 is insensitive to dust and water. The more hygienic design prevents dust and dirt deposits. Special versions with stainless steel components are also available for more hygiene-critical applications in the packaging industry

Can be used for personnel protection

For applications that require safe guard locking for personnel protection, there is also a version available that safely monitors the holding force. Usable up to PL c, Cat. 2, this version enables a holding force of 1000 N.

Safety gate guarding with PSENslock 2

Safety Locking Device PSENslock / PSENslock 2

Whether separately or in series, PSENslock 2 can be used universally for safety gate guarding. PSENslock 2 offers reliable protection for hygiene-critical applications such as those in the packaging industry, food and beverage or pharmaceutical industry, for example. Extended diagnostic options are available in combination with the intelligent diagnostic system SDD, allowing availability to be increased even further.

Safeguarding of swing gates and sliding gates with PSENslock 2

  • PSENslock 2 safely connected in series with intelligent diagnostics using Safety Device Diagnostics (SDD): reduces wiring and shortens commissioning times 
  • Complete solution with safe small controller PNOZmulti 2

The complete solution for your safety gate:

Combine the safety locking device PSENslock 2 with the control unit PITgatebox – also with optional integrated access permission – for simple operation. In conjunction with the configurable safe small controller PNOZmulti 2, you provide complete protection for your safety gate with a single system. Safety Device Diagnostics (SDD) also provide comprehensive diagnostic and status information.

Work productively, even in rugged environments – Your benefits

  • Insensitive to dust, dirt and water
  • High availability: flexibly mounted actuator with large contact surfaces easily offsets tolerances even with safety gate misalignment
  • High productivity: manipulation protection prevents unwanted production interruptions; coding freely selectable
  • Intelligent diagnostics in series connection via Safety Device Diagnostics (SDD): less wiring needed thanks to safe series connection up to PL e
  • Long service life through non-contact transponder technology and magnetic guard locking
  • Simple installation saves time during commissioning
Safety Locking Device PSENslock / PSENslock 2

Features of the safety locking devices PSENslock 2

  • Reliable process protection: holding force F1max, optionally 1,000 or 2,000 N (PSENslock: 500 N / 1,000 N)
  • Protection type IP67 / IP6K9K (PSENslock: IP67)
  • Convenient diagnostics via 4 LEDs on both sides enable direct status indication
  • Can be adapted to individual requirements through adjustable latching force via configuration key “Config Key”
  • Version with safety outputs that are independent of guard locking: the safety outputs (OSSDs) on the safety locking device switch independently from the guard locking status and enable greater flexibility when implementing your application.

Pilz’s product range: Safety locking devices PSENslock


Designed for the highest category applications through a combination of safe position monitoring and process guarding – safety locking device PSENslock.

Accessories PSENslock / PSENslock 2

Perfectly tailored to the safety locking devices PSENslock and PSENslock 2: Accessories for safety gate monitoring.

PSENslock 2

Designed for the highest category applications, for efficient guard locking even in rugged environmental conditions.

Connection Technology

You will find a wide selection of adapters and cables for the safety locking device PSENmlock mini


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Movable guards such as swing gates and sliding gates, flaps or covers, can be found in almost every application. If there are dangerous overrun movements, a safety locking device with appropriate manipulation protection in accordance with EN ISO 14119 is required. 

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