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RS Offers More Than 49,000 In-Stock Industrial Electrical Solutions from Suppliers

April 27, 2023

RS Offers More Than 49,000 In-Stock Industrial Electrical Solutions from Suppliers

RS offers more than 49,000 in-stock electrical products from big suppliers, including Southwire, Mencom, ILME, and Signify brands

Electrical devices are essential elements of any electronic system, and many modern electrical devices have made it easier and more economical than ever for manufacturers to optimize new equipment and upgrade legacy equipment. Industrial electrical solutions ranging from wire, cable, and connector products to disconnect switches, motors, motor controls, and circuit protection, power conditioning, and lighting products can help manufacturers improve operator and equipment safety, production efficiency, productivity, and sustainability and can also help reduce energy consumption, operating costs, and unplanned downtime.

RS Offers More Than 49,000 In-Stock Industrial Electrical Solutions from Suppliers
In-stock industrial electrical solutions available at RS include:
  • Power supply cords, extension cords, and contractor-grade outdoor power cords from Southwire, a global supplier of wire and cable solutions backed by more than 70 years of experience and responsible for producing roughly half of the cable used to transmit and distribute electricity in the United States. RS offers a large selection of heavy-duty Southwire power supply cords and extension cords rated for a wide range of applications and operating temperatures, equipped with features including high-visibility jackets, power indicator lights, and locking mechanisms, and compliant with relevant UL and CSA standards.
  • Cable glands from Mencom, a supplier of high-quality, cost-effective custom-made and off-the-shelf electrical connectivity solutions engineered for industrial electronics applications and backed by 35 years of successful design and development experience. Mencom cable glands are equipped with IP68 sealing, are rated for up to 5 bar, and can be permanently used underwater at up to 5 atmospheres. RS offers a variety of metal and plastic Mencom cable glands in a range of sizes.
  • Configurable connectors from ILME, a supplier of high-quality, heavy-duty industrial connectivity products engineered for applications in the industrial automation, railway, marine equipment, robotics, and traditional and sustainable energy industries and backed by more than 75 years of field-proven performance. RS offers ILME connector components including hoods, inserts, housings, and contacts.
  • LED lighting from Signify, a global supplier of innovative, high-quality, and high-efficiency lighting solutions from brands including Philips, Day-Brite CFI, Lightolier, Advance, Chloride, Hadco, and Stonco. RS offers Signify solutions, including ballasts, drivers, recessed lighting, strip lighting, high-bay lighting, outdoor lighting, LED bulbs, exit signs, emergency lighting, cables, brackets, and pendant hangers.

The depth and breadth of the RS electrical product portfolio for industrial facilities, combined with its more than 49,000 in-stock and ready-to-ship solutions and its highly experienced technical support team, allows RS to support manufacturers through the concept, design, build, and maintenance stages and help them overcome challenges ranging from retrofitting legacy equipment to designing for scalability and future-proofing maintenance processes.

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