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ACS580-01 UL Type 4X/IP66 Drive Provides Superior Performance and Reliability in Extreme Indoor and Outdoor Environments 

January 24, 2024

ACS580-01 UL Type 4X/IP66 Drive Provides Superior Performance and Reliability in Extreme Indoor and Outdoor Environments 

ACS580-01 UL Type 4X/IP66 Drive Provides Superior Performance and Reliability in Extreme Indoor and Outdoor Environments 

  • ACS580 UL is a variable frequency drive (VFD) that is fully sealed and weather tight with a UL Type 4X/IP66 rating.
  • The drive features NSF169 certification for food protection and sanitation. 
  • Designed for operation in indoor and outdoor environments where extreme rain, heat, snow, cold, dust and humidity are common. 

ACS580 UL Type 4X drive is a new member in ABB’s all-compatible drive portfolio. It is designed for the most demanding industrial environments to withstand extreme rain, heat, cold, salt spray, dust, and humidity.

ABB’s ACS580 UL Type 4X listed and IP66 rated to prevent the ingress of liquid and dust, the 4X drive thrives in food and beverage applications where regular washdown, hose rinsing, splashing and exposure to common sanitizers is routine, including cleaning zones, poultry and livestock farming and sheds, dairy, meat, bakery and aquaculture. Fully sealed, it also provides exceptional corrosion resistance against many common chemicals, gases, high levels of humidity, and salt spray, making it ideal for use in indoor and outdoor environments where mud, dust, and soil contact is common.

The 4X drive comes with an optional robustly integrated lockable UL98 line disconnect and fuses that allows the drive assembly to maintain 100 kA SCCR and meet the “in line of sight” NEC disconnect requirements to simplify installation and increase safety. Equipped with a standard Bluetooth control panel, facilitating seamless and secure connectivity, commissioning, and monitoring through ABB apps like Drivetune and Drive Composer, it improves convenience and enhances safety by keeping staff out of the arc flash boundary. The drive also features an optimized DC choke to mitigate harmonics, two option slots for expanding connectivity through fieldbus and additional I/O and an optional sun shield helps further protect the UV-resistant drive.

“Industrial customers such as those in the food and beverage industry need robust and reliable equipment that can operate reliably in more extreme environments,” says Kevin Dunn, Director of Food & Beverage Industry Segment, USA, at ABB. “Our ACS580 4X drive meets the challenge – it was designed to not only ensure superior performance of critical operations, but we also made it easy to commission and use.”  

Kevin Dunn, Director of Food & Beverage Industry Segment, USA, at ABB

Available in multiple power ratings from 1 to 30 HP in 1-phase 240 V, 3-phase 208-240 V, 3-phase 380- 480 V, and 3-phase 500 – 600 V, the ACS580 4X drive launches at IPPE in Atlanta on January 30 – February 1, 2024, with availability starting on February 1, 2024. For more information, visit ABB’s IPPE booth or: https://campaign-mo.abb.com/IPPE2024

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