RFI-PW Potable Water Rotorflow from Gems Sensors & Controls

DCS RFI PW Potable Water Rotorflow from Gems Sensors 1 400

June 14, 2022


The RFI-PW Series is a FDA-compliant molded nylon and epoxy RFI-Type Rotorflow for compatibility with potable water applications. Flow rate is estimated, or simply confirmed by viewing the speed of the turning, high visibility blue rotor. Either port may be used for incoming flow, and bayonet mounting lens is easily removed for quick cleanout. RFI-PW Potable Water Rotorflow sensors are easy to see, easy to install and easy to afford for potable water applications.

  • •High Blue Visibility Rotor
  • •FDA-compliant molded nylon and epoxy
  • •Compatibility with potable water applications



  • Water Purification/Dispensing Systems
  • Chemical Injection Systems


Operating Principle

1. As liquid passes through the RotorFlow® body, the rotor spins at a rate proportional to flow

2. RotorFlow® Indicators may be mounted with flow entering either port. At low flow rates, performance is optimized by positioning ports at the top of the unit, in a horizontal plane

DCS RFI PW Potable Water Rotorflow from Gems Sensors 2 400





To learn more about the RFI-PW Potable Water Rotorflow, download the Catalog by clicking here or visit the Product Page by clicking here 


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