FLIR Introduces CM276™ Professional Clamp Meter and Thermal Imaging Camera for Electrical System Test and Measurement

February 27, 2024

FLIR Introduces CM276™ Professional Clamp Meter and Thermal Imaging Camera for Electrical System Test and Measurement

More Than Just a Clamp Meter, the New FLIR CM276 Features MSX® Dual Visible-Infrared Imaging, LED Worklight, and On-Board Storage for Better Situational Awareness and Data Management

FLIR, a Teledyne Technologies company, has released the FLIR CM276 professional clamp meter with infrared imaging, a visual camera, and solar photovoltaic (PV) direct current (DC) built for electrical test and measurement. The CM276 empowers electrical professionals to troubleshoot electrical system components with Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM™) and radiometric multispectral dynamic imaging (MSX), which overlays visible camera details onto the thermal image, helping users safely execute inspections and identify hazards before contact is made.

“The FLIR CM276 is the most versatile clamp meter in its class, providing dual-thermal visible imagery, even in total darkness thanks to the new LED worklight, and this helps inspectors identify potential issues safely and quickly,” said Rob Milner, global business development director, FLIR. “To speed post-inspection workflows and data sharing between up to seven devices, testing results can be shared with colleagues and clients through the free METERLiNK app available on iOS and Android, supporting thermal, visible, and MSX images and video clips, individually, or as part of a comprehensive post-inspection report.”

FLIR Introduces CM276™ Professional Clamp Meter and Thermal Imaging Camera for Electrical System Test and Measurement

The CM276 is an effective tool for a variety of commercial and industrial electrical inspection needs, including solar PV DC measurements up to 1500 V with optional PV test leads. It features variable frequency drive (VFD) mode, True RMS, and Low Impedance (LoZ) mode for other advanced electrical test and measurement needs, enabling inspectors to leverage one tool for various scenarios.

Built into the CM276 are a 160 x 120 thermal resolution Lepton thermal camera module, a visible camera, and an LED worklight for illuminating dark cabinets and spaces. Everything is housed inside a ruggedized casing that is IP40 rated and drop-tested up to two meters. The clamp meter includes in-device rechargeable lithium polymer batteries for all-day use, meaning users never need to worry about carrying around extra batteries or packs.

Bluetooth® Integration with METERLiNK App

During and after inspections, operators can leverage the METERLiNK app to review meter logs, examine data trends, and share results with team members. Each CM276 clamp meter can store up to 30,000 radiometric images and 100 log files on board, making report generation simple.

The CM276 includes one set of CAT IV-600V/ CAT III-1000V Test Leads, a USB Type-A-to-C cable, a storage pouch, a quick start guide, and a 10-year limited warranty. Users may purchase separately the optional TA85 – PV test leads (CAT III-1500V) and the TA86 – MC4 PV plug leads (CAT III-1500V) for solar power inspections.


More Information

For more information on the FLIR CM276 Clamp Meter, including global pricing, availability, and purchasing options, visit FLIR CM276

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