PNOZmulti Configurator – the Original Tool for Your Safety Circuit Configuration

June 16, 2020

Your safety circuit is easy to create on the PC using the PNOZmulti Configurator. The configuration tool supports you with the project design, configuration, documentation and commissioning of Pilz controllers.

On the graphics-based, Windows-compliant user interface all elements are available for your safety circuit as icons or in selection menus. Online help with documentation is available during configuration of the safety circuit. Once it is complete, the tool checks the circuit for any errors.

The fully configured safety circuit can be certified to protect it from unwanted changes. You can edit, amend or expand uncertified configurations of your safety circuit at any time. Simply call them up in the PNOZmulti Configurator. The configuration can be printed out and used as documentation.

New: PNOZmulti Configurator Software Version 10.12

Two new operating mode selection elements (function blocks) are available for functionally safe operating mode selection up to PL d / SIL CL 2. In conjunction with the operating mode selection and access permission system PITmode, specifically the PITreader, you have two user-friendly, safe solutions for selecting operating modes on plant and machinery. In conjunction with the operating mode selection and access permission system PITmode, specifically the PITreader, you have two user-friendly, safe solutions for selecting operating modes on plant and machinery.

  • Operating mode selected via pushbutton: The operating mode can be selected via the Pilz PIT oe4S Buttonbox or also by using standard commercial pushbuttons. Permission to make the selection is configured in conjunction with PITreader and the corresponding RFIDKeys. The selected operating mode can be read in the PNOZmulti 2.

  • Operating mode selected via touchscreen panel: Alternatively, the operating mode can be selected safely via a keypad on an HMI. That way the operating mode can be selected safely using the operator and visualisation terminals PMIvisu. Here too, permission to make the selection is granted via PITreader and RFIDKeys with the relevant configuration.

To control access permissions, the new Software Version 10.12 enables up to 4 PITreader devices to be connected to the base unit PNOZ m B1.

From Version 10.12 there is also support for the PNOZ m B1 Burner, a new base unit for the small controllers PNOZmulti 2, which is specifically for applications in industrial burner management. Safe control and monitoring of furnaces in accordance with EN 50156 and EN 298 are implemented using the integrated burner function block. PNOZmulti 2 takes care of all the other plant-related safety functions at the same time.

PNOZmulti Configurator Software Version 10.11

Software Version 10.11 enables you to use the real-time Ethernet SafetyNET p RTFL to configure safe data exchange between PNOZmulti 2 base units (PNOZ m B0 / B1) and the safe motion solution PMCprotego DS.

PMCprotego DS is composed of the servo amplifier PMCprotego D and the safety card PMCprotego S3. 32-bit data is exchanged via RTFL, enabling short reaction times for your application. Previously you could connect up to 16 PNOZmulti 2 base units in a linear topology via the expansion module PNOZ m EF SafetyNET. Now it is also possible to incorporate the safe motion solution PMCprotego DS into the SafetyNET p network, creating a safe drive solution in conjunction with PNOZmulti 2. PNOZmulti 2 monitors the drive solution and ensures the movement is stopped in a controlled and therefore safe manner.

Another new feature from Version 10.11 are selectable tolerance times for track signals from the PNOZmulti 2 motion monitoring modules PNOZ m EF 1MM/2MM. A new encoder type for proximity switches with reduced diagnostics is also available, for use in wind turbines.

The benefits at a glance

  •   –  Software with pre-assembled, certified blocks
  •   –  Easy, retrospective modifications and adjustments to the configuration
  •   –  Simple, comprehensive diagnostics mean short machine downtimes and high plant availability
  •   –  Worldwide safety standard for various automation environments and different communication systems
  •   –  Rapid commissioning and minimal amount of wiring work


Configure rather than wire the safety circuit

  •   –  Intuitive operation: creating your safety circuit is refreshingly easy
  •   –  Freely configurable: you can set the parameters for all inputs and outputs conveniently with a few clicks in the software tool
  •   –  You link these by logical operators to form a safety circuit using drag-and-drop
  •   –  You select all function, logic and output elements on the workspace


Automatic error check, protection against changes

  •   –  Safe: the software tool checks the created safety circuit for errors
  •   –  Protected: you can have the completed configuration certified, thereby protecting it from unwanted changes
  •   –  Flexible: you can edit, amend or expand uncertified circuit diagrams at any time
  •   –  Simple: for documentation just print out the circuit diagram configuration


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