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Noark Offers a Complete Range of Molded Case Switches in 6 Frame Sizes

November 14, 2023

Noark Offers a Complete Range of Molded Case Switches in 6 Frame Sizes

Molded Case Switches as the name suggest are electro-mechanical device used in switching on or off an electrical circuit. These devices, unlike the Molded Case Circuit Breakers don’t offer protection against overcurrent faults or branch circuit protection. These devices are also important because they allow for the safe isolation of main circuits Noark Electric offers a complete range of Molded Case Switches in six frame sizes:

  • M1 – 150A
  • M2 – 250A
  • M3 – 400A
  • M4 – 600A
  • M5 – 800A, and
  • M6 – 1200A

Each frame size offers a range of interrupting ratings at 240-690 Vac and 250-600 Vdc. Molded Case Switches are only used as disconnect switches.

Features of Noark Electric’s Molded Case Switches

Noark Electric’s Molded Case Switches offer the following features:

  • Instantaneous trip ability and a patented arc extinguishing design
  • Bearing-type spindle reduces the operating force required to open and close the operating mechanism
  • High-quality compact modular design
  • 5-Year limited warranty

Molded Case Switches in Equipment Isolation

As Industrial applications become more complex with automation systems, it is important for designers to have control at the machine edge. Molded case switch solution is used to isolate the machine from the supply circuit so that maintenance work can be carried. The feeder supplying power to a machine might be located in a separate building, while a molded case switch is mounted in an enclosure beside or close to the machine. Maintenance personnel can carry out maintenance work on the machine without having to go to the main feeder to isolate the circuit.

Molded Case Switches in Circuit Protection Coordination

In protection coordination where discrimination must be ensured at all levels of installation, Molded Case Switches are equipped with a withstand rating that allows them to be used in Protection coordination studies. A Molded Case Switch must be protected by an upstream overcurrent protection device (OCPD) e.g fuse or circuit breaker.

Standards Compliance

Noark’s Molded Case Switches are compliant with the following standards:

  • UL 489-Listed, File No. E355392
  • CSA C22.2 No. 5, File No. E355392

Noark Offers a Wide Range of Accessories for Molded Case Switches

Noark Electric offers a wide range of accessories for their Molded Case Switches. For each frame size, Noark offers Molded Case external accessories, such as a variety of handle locks, mechanical interlocks, motor operators, IEC closed coupled rotary handles, DIN rail plates,NEMA extended rotary handles, and NEMA flange mechanism handled. A wide range of internal accessories are also available, for example, alarm auxiliary contact, shunt release trips, and under-voltage release trips (UVT).

Most Common Complimentary Products

Products that are most commonly associated with Noark Molded Case Switches are:

  • Alarm switch and auxiliary contact
  • Shunt and under-voltage trip
  • Rotary type handle
  • Flange type handle

Interested in learning more about Noark’s Range of Molded Case Switches or other low-voltage electrical components? Visit their product page Range of Molded Case Switches or request a quote today.

Noark Electric: Your Source for a Complete Range of Molded Case Switches

Noark is a global manufacturer of low-voltage electrical components for industrial applications and their specialties involve motor control and protection for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The company is well known for their world-class manufacturing and rigorous testing of their products that meet or exceed the highest performance standards in the industry. Their entire portfolio of products is designed for manufacturing and assembly. And each component is developed in-house by their engineering team to meet the strictest standards and performance requirements and is covered by their exclusive five-year limited warranty.

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