New DR Series AC Motors (1 speed) from SEW-EURODRIVE

DCS SEW EURODRIVE New DR Series AC Motors 1 400

February 15, 2022


SEW-EURODRIVE offers you the ideal AC motor for any requirement: 2, 4, 6 and 8-pole motors, with powers of 0.09 kW to 375 kW and in the efficiency classes IE1 to IE4. Test them and the motors of the DR/DRN/DR2 series in line or inverter operation! DR/DRN/DN2 three-phase AC motors are efficient, powerful and usable worldwide. With the DR/DRN/DR2 modular motor systems, they implement millions of drive combinations and move different systems and machines, worldwide.

It is easy to find the ideal energy-efficient motor for your application at SEW-EURODRIVE. The DR/DRN/DR2 series has a suitable design in its range for the globally applicable efficiency classes IE1 to IE4: DRS/DR2S for IE1, DRN for IE3 and DRU for IE4. Select the power, voltage and frequency within this motor design and you have already taken care of the most important selection criteria.

Are you missing IE2 motors in our range? You don’t have to – because the DRN motors in IE3 are their perfect successor. The weight and dimensions of the new DRN IE3 motors are only marginally different from comparable IE2 motors. And the best thing is: the selling price of a DRN motor only differs from that of a DRE motor with the same performance in a few cases. 

All other motor options are of course available independently of the efficiency class. A comprehensive braking concept and cost-optimized built-in encoders that are completely integrated into the motor ultimately complement the motor range.

The motors of the DR/DRN/DR2 series comply with the most important standards worldwide and the various requirements of the local energy efficiency regulations in a power range from 0.09 to 375 kW.

Save time and optimize your motor selection, ordering and logistics processes. As a Global Player, we offer this range of products around the world.

Only half the solution without a gear unit? Then use our sophisticated modular system and combine an AC motor with a helicalparallel shaftwormbevel or SPIROPLAN® gear unit of your choice. All of these gear unit types are already available off-the-shelf, combined with gearmotors- optimised in terms of length, robust and perfectly tailored.

For the first time, the size 355 is found as a solo motor in the DRN.. modular system. Combinations with an industrial gear unit, regardless of whether with an adapter directly into the helical or bevel-helical gear unit or the complete drive package on the steel swing arm, are the best possibilities for using an IEC solo motor.

Of course, we also supply the right inverter technology for the controller and control. We develop and produce the drive electronics ourselves to the highest quality standards so that they are perfectly tailored to our motors and gearmotors, and to your application.

Configure your individual product

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  • •CAD data and documentation for your configuration
  • •Direct order request or ordering

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Your benefits:

  • •Benefit from energy efficiency

    As the DR/DRN/DR2. series offers an appropriate design for each efficiency class and can therefore be used anywhere in the world.

  • •Extend flexibility

    As the DR/DRN/DR2. modular motor system makes millions of drive combinations possible for you – individually tailored to your requirements.

  • •Simpler to select the right motor

    Because our range of motors comprises over 30 performance levels, which means there is a suitable motor for practically every application.


The DR/DRN/DR2 series offers the right motor for efficiency classes IE1, IE2, IE3 and IE4 in accordance with IEC 60034-30-1. The IE marking and efficiency as well as details on the available country approvals can be found on the nameplate.

Besides the products from the energy efficiency system, SEW-EURODRIVE’s effiDRIVE® energy-saving solutions also provide expert energy advice and a modular and customizable service.

DCS SEW EURODRIVE New DR Series AC Motors 2 400

  • •Type DRS/DR2S = IE1
    • •2, 4 and 6-pole
    • •Power ratings of 0.09 kW to 225 kW
  • •Type DREJ = IE2
    • •4-pole
    • •Power ratings of 0.37 kW to 5.5 kW
  • •Type DRN = IE3
    • •2, 4, 6 and 8-pole
    • •Power ratings of 0.09 kW to 375 kW
  • •Type DRUJ = IE4
    • •4-pole
    • •Power ratings of 0.18 kW to 4 kW

Regardless of the required energy efficiency class, all motor options and designs are equally available for all AC motors.

DCS SEW EURODRIVE New DR Series AC Motors 33 400




Learn more about the new DR Series AC Motors from SEW-EURODRIVE by clicking here


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