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Festo at CMTS 2023: Presenting Best-In-Class Automation Solutions for Small Tasks, Big Jobs

September 18, 2023

Festo at CMTS 2023: Presenting Best-In-Class Automation Solutions for Small Tasks, Big Jobs
At the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show, Festo will be demonstrating how it is streamlining engineering with digital design tools like the Handling Guide Online for 2D/3D gantry design and online product configurators like the Electric Motion Sizing tool for servo drives.

Festo’s “Blue Path to Higher Efficiency” underscores how its latest products help position users for a sustainable future

At the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS) 2023, Festo is showcasing its latest motion control technology for performing simple or complex tasks and almost anything in between. CMTS visitors also can see examples of how Festo has leapt into the forefront with production solutions for fast-growing sectors like electric vehicles and life sciences.

Hardware on display includes new CMMT multi-protocol series drives for servo and stepper motors that unlock additional value with their combination of networking flexibility and simplicity and design updates. For production management, the new CPX-AP-A and CPX-AP-I automation systems provide unprecedented flexibility in distributing control and I/O throughout any size facility.

Canada also needs more operators and technicians with the necessary skills to manage advanced automation systems. At CMTS, Festo Didactic, the global leader in technical education, is presenting the MPS 403-1 learning system – a miniaturized production line offering deep insight into the intelligent networking of machines in the production environment and in their work processes.

(Visit Festo at CMTS 2023, Booth 1829– Toronto Congress Centre, Sept 25-28)

Festo’s latest innovations offer users Industry 4.0/IIoT future-proofing, and more. Under the theme the “Blue Path to Higher Efficiency”, many of these products – like the actuators in the Simplified Motion Series – provide users estimates for annual energy consumption as expressed in kilowatt/hours or the equivalent in CO2 emissions to forge their own sustainability path.

Festo’s commitment is to be a world leader in promoting sustainability on the road to a net zero future. The family-owned company is walking the walk, making all of its facilities in Germany and production and logistics buildings worldwide CO2 neutral by the end of this year.

Among products Festo is featuring at CMTS:

Simplified Motion Series (SMS) – small tasks made simple electrically:

The Simplified Motion Series of exceedingly-easy-to-commission electric actuators is unequalled for performing very simple motion and positioning tasks with the simplicity of pneumatics. Each drive offers users an affordable solution in a single package for simple motion tasks between two mechanical end positions for repositioning, aligning, feeding, sorting, clamping, ejecting and stopping. Simplified set-up and 

operation are the hallmark of these cost-effective electric drives. And the SMS online solution finder helps users find the ideal product and size for their application.

ELGC Handling – Flexible system for existing and new industries like battery assembly:

This easy, flexible and efficient mechanical system combining a ball screw or tooth-belt ELGC electric linear axis with an EGSC electric mini slide is popular with the electronics industry, and for various assembly applications, such as manifold assembly, bonding processes and pick and place tasks. The low-cost, multi-axis ELGC/EGSC can be assembled in 2-axis or 3-axis configurations to form desktop gantries. Offering compact design and maximum modularity, this combination also is finding roles for which it is ideally suited in emerging sectors like battery assembly for electric vehicles.

Festo Automation Platform:

With the recent introduction of the distributed I/O solution CPX-AP-A, along with the established CPX-AP-I decentralized I/O, Festo now offers a range of electric and pneumatic automation solutions that is unmatched for performance, flexibility, cost savings, and engineering productivity.

The “AP” in the name stands for Automation Platform. AP modules, whether on-terminal or individual, are IP65/67 rated and can be located in cabinets, in clusters around the cell, individually placed, or separated at great distances. Every AP module features a high-performance real-time backplane transmission rate of 200 Mbps full duplex. AP gives machine builders the freedom to optimize the machine or cell by adding I/O where they need it and in ways that will best boost performance and diagnostics capabilities.

The AP ecosystem makes it efficient for end-user customers to add functionality as needs arise. On an AP topology, all components such as PLCs, valves, motors, drives, and I/O appear to the programmer to be incorporated within one smart terminal under a single IP address. That significantly reduces hardware and installation costs while lowering system complexity.

As these and other innovations demonstrate, Festo’s Blue Path to Higher Efficiency is reflected in capturing sustainability benefits by:
  • streamlining engineering with digital design tools like the Handling Guide Online for 2D/3D gantry design and online product configurators for optimized selection and sizing, like the Electric Motion Sizing tool for servo drives, and by
  • making products that make operations more sustainable by lowering energy consumption, and by
  • building sustainability into basic and further training so the current and future work force has the knowledge to work sustainably.

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