DMG MORI Offers the First End-To-End Digital Twin of a Machine Tool on Siemens Xcelerator Marketplace

September 21, 2023

DMG MORI Offers the First End-To-End Digital Twin of a Machine Tool on Siemens Xcelerator Marketplace

DMG MORI and Siemens are presenting the first end-to-end digital twin for machine tool machining on Siemens Xcelerator

  • Digital twin of the machine, the workpiece, and the controller available in an end-to-end offering on Siemens Xcelerator Marketplace
  • Siemens underscores its technology leadership in combining the real world with the digital world
  • Less scrap and avoidance of machine damage
  • Up to 40 percent faster production ramp-up of the machine

The technology company Siemens, an innovation leader in automation and digitalization, and DMG MORI, a leading global supplier of cutting-edge machine tools for turning, milling, and grinding as well as for additive manufacturing, are presenting the first end-to-end digital twin for machine tool machining on Siemens Xcelerator. Based on the Digital Native CNC Sinumerik One, the offering includes the digital twin of the controller, the customer-specific DMG MORI machine tool, and the workpiece and is available now on Siemens Xcelerator Marketplace. 

A digital twin for machines enables groundbreaking improvements for meeting the challenges of sustainability, flexibility, and time-to-market. The digital twin helps prevent programming errors that cause scrap and damage to the real machine. It enables up to 40 percent faster production ramp-up, significantly reducing the energy consumption of the real machine.

The offer also helps minimize unproductive machine times by up to 75 percent. This is because the testing and running-in of programs is moved from the real machine to the virtual world.

“Digital twins will change the relationship and interaction between suppliers and customers across the entire lifecycle of a machine tool. With our DMG MORI Digital Twin, we’re enabling our customers to achieve higher productivity by shifting unproductive tasks from the machine to the virtual world. As an open, digital business platform, Siemens Xcelerator will accelerate our digital transformation,” says Alfred Geißler, CEO of DMG MORI AG. 

Alfred Geißler, CEO of DMG MORI AG

With Siemens Xcelerator, Siemens is underscoring its technology leadership in combining the real world with the digital world. Sinumerik One is the most advanced CNC system for highly productive machine tools based on the seamless interaction of the virtual and real worlds. Through its digital twin, Sinumerik One is the key element for digital transformation and helps simulate and test machining processes entirely virtually. This allows NC programs to be completely programmed, simulated, and optimized in a virtual environment before workpieces are actually manufactured.

“With this partnership Siemens and DMG MORI are demonstrating on Siemens Xcelerator the opportunities that the joint and end-to-end use of digitalization offers for productivity, speed, flexibility and thus, future viability. This applies to the machine users as well as in the core to the machine tool manufacturers. Siemens Xcelerator’s approach of bringing different partners together in an ecosystem for the benefit of all is impressively demonstrated by the partnership between Siemens and DMG MORI,” says Achim Peltz, CEO of Siemens Motion Control, who is responsible for Siemens’ Motion Control business.

Achim Peltz, CEO of Siemens Motion Control

The open digital business platform Siemens Xcelerator creates a powerful ecosystem of partners to jointly accelerate the digital transformation, each tailored to customers’ specific business goals. Siemens Xcelerator consists of a selected portfolio of products, services, and solutions as well as a marketplace.

The DMG MORI DMU40 machine and its end-to-end digital twin can be seen live at the DMG MORI booth in Hall 2 of the trade fair.


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For more information about Siemens at EMO, see
www.siemens.com/press/emo23 and www.siemens.com/emo

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