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Delta Demonstrates Building Solutions to Enable Smart, Energy-efficient and Safe Commercial, Industrial and Residential Buildings at AHR Expo 2024

January 23, 2024

Delta Demonstrates Building Solutions to Enable Smart, Energy-efficient and Safe Commercial, Industrial and Residential Buildings at AHR Expo 2024

Lighting the Path to Net Zero with cutting-edge solutions and unique domain expertise

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management technologies and a world-class provider of IoT-based Smart Green Solutions, now presents a unique showcase at the AHR Expo 2024 featuring three building venues — commercial, industrial, and residential — in which its building control, indoor air quality (IAQ), building energy management, surveillance, lighting, and industrial automation solutions integrate seamlessly to enable smarter facility management and monitoring, higher energy savings, as well as safer and more comfortable building environments.

The aforementioned solutions were integral for Delta’s Americas Region headquarters green building to become the second ever facility in the entire Silicon Valley, and first in the city of Fremont, California to attain the LEED Zero Energy certification last year. Among these, Delta’s energy management solution for net-zero energy building performance, based on VTScada, the industry’s most powerful SCADA system, will be a key highlight at the show.

Bill Y.C. Lo, General Manager of Delta’s Building Automation Business Group, said, “As we unveil our latest innovations at the AHR Expo 2024, Delta is proud to be at the forefront of driving sustainable change in the realm of smart buildings. Our smart energy-efficient solutions reflect our commitment to creating environments that not only enhance efficiency and safety, but also contribute to the larger vision of smart cities and a net-zero future. By integrating industry-leading technologies across commercial, industrial, and residential settings, Delta is empowering users to embrace a new era of intelligent, eco-friendly living and working spaces.”

Bill Y.C. Lo, General Manager of Delta’s Building Automation Business Group

Visitors to Delta’s booth can be immersed in actual Commercial, Industrial, and Residential building venues where their smart energy-saving solutions enable IoT-based smart control, substantial electricity savings, optimized indoor air quality, and the highest standards to health and comfort conditions for building users.

The Commercial Zone

Delta’s commercial zone integrates cutting-edge technologies coherently, optimizing the workplace for a more healthy, efficient, and sustainably-built environment. With a simple click, you can configure the room for various types of meetings, reducing setup time and increasing productivity. Their smart conference room utilizes the LOYTEC LPAD-7 Touch Panel to orchestrate the operation of a variety of room equipment including HVAC, lighting, motorized shades, and more. Capable of serving multiple functions such as room operator panel, network thermostat, and room controller, the LPAD-7 streamlines the system architecture and with it the embedded IoT infrastructure, opening the door to any smart building application possible.

Delta Demonstrates Building Solutions to Enable Smart, Energy-efficient and Safe Commercial, Industrial and Residential Buildings at AHR Expo 2024

Among the array of solutions offered in the smart conference room, their indoor air quality management with the UNO indoor air quality monitor optimizes air quality automatic control, while their pivotal lighting control solution can achieve up to 52% savings. Together, we ensure a highly efficient meeting space aligned with Delta’s commitment to sustainability.

The smart command center with an AI-enabled building management platform prioritizes occupant safety, energy efficiency, and digital transformation in line with ESG objectives, including:

  • Delta Energy Online, an intelligent energy management platform that provides a data-driven tool for optimizing building energy efficiency.
  • enteliWEB Building Management Software by Delta Controls, a web-based application that serves as the central hub for connecting all facilities, streamlining building management operations, site engineering, and energy analytics.
  • VORTEX, an AI-Powered Operations Automation Cloud Platform that smoothly integrates Cloud VMS and high-quality cameras. At the forefront of AI capabilities, we prioritize elevating search efficiency and accuracy, breaking free from constraints and adaptability. Harnessing metadata, actionable insights are unlocked, facilitating end-to-end automation for improved security, rapid response, and heightened efficiency.
  • VAST Security Station, designed for projects of different scales, accommodates a range from hundreds to tens of thousands of surveillance cameras. It caters to diverse needs, spanning small and medium-sized enterprises to large-scale 24/7 operations.

Delta Controls and LOYTEC, their two leading brands for the building automation segment, are set to feature smart building solutions designed to secure the sustainable future of buildings. Delta Controls has once again been honored with Frost & Sullivan’s 2024 Global IoT and AI-enabled Smart Building Solutions Competitive Strategy Leadership Award. Along with the recognition of Company of the Year, their burgeoning Red5 product line will take center stage, demonstrating how it serves as the bedrock for ensuring the security and scalability of Delta Controls’ automation and control systems. Equipped with features such as built-in BACnet Secure Connect, accelerated processing speed, augmented memory, and I/O modularity, Red5 represents a leap forward in advanced building technologies.

Additionally, the showcase will feature the O3 Edge multi-sensor, accompanied by the release of the new SeymourConnect smartphone app that empowers users with touchless control over O3 and other devices, delivering a superior occupant experience conveniently in the palm of their hands. In addition, Delta Control’s enduringly popular line of thermostats, including the eZNT and the anticipated surrounding new solutions from the enteli line, notably enteliPREM (offering enteliWEB in a box), will be presented.

LOYTEC will further showcase a range of innovative smart building solutions, featuring the integration of people and equipment asset management with HVAC and lighting control. Renowned for its multiprotocol and distributed IP-based building automation architecture, LOYTEC’s controllers are embedded with IoT, and now, this acclaimed system receives a boost with the incorporation of Bluetooth™ mesh technology. This addition provides more building data transparency and interoperability, simultaneously reducing installation costs, and ultimately contributing to the realization of smarter buildings by LOYTEC.

The Industrial Zone

Delta’s industrial zone will showcase a synergy of products that converge to offer a comprehensive monitoring, management, and control of energy across the industrial spectrum to enhance HVACR equipment performance and efficiency.

Delta Demonstrates Building Solutions to Enable Smart, Energy-efficient and Safe Commercial, Industrial and Residential Buildings at AHR Expo 2024
  • The real synergy emerges when these products are integrated within the SCADA System VTScada, which seamlessly integrates subsystems like Energy Management System (EMS). The EMS becomes the centralized and visualized intelligence hub, empowering facility management teams to drive lower energy consumption, saving up to 20% energy and contributing significantly to the pursuit of net zero energy usage and a more sustainable future.
  • The Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), with A2L certification and more than 97% AC-AC efficiency, serve as power regulators dynamically adjusting motor speeds to meet demand.
  • The Human Machine Interface (HMI) DOP-100 Series, with its diverse communication protocols and customization options, act as the intuitive control interface, facilitating informed decision-making for energy optimization.
  • In addition, their Magnetic Bearing High-Speed Compressor solutions, with an integrated part-load value (IPLV) exceeding ASHRAE 90.1, high reliability and lower maintenance costs, contribute to the overall energy efficiency.

The Residential Zone

Delta’s residential zone will present innovative solutions with a focus on two standout products:

Delta Demonstrates Building Solutions to Enable Smart, Energy-efficient and Safe Commercial, Industrial and Residential Buildings at AHR Expo 2024
  • The Breez Fresh ERVs redefine indoor air quality and energy recovery in homes, featuring a 1-inch thick MERV13 filter with equivalent surface area to 2-inch filters. Compliant with CEC regulation Equation 150.0-A pressure drop requirements, this ensures optimal filtration efficiency and eliminates the need for extra equipment and 2-inch filters, providing homeowners with a space-saving and high-performance solution. The Breez Fresh ERV achieves up to 70% energy core recovery efficiency. Meanwhile, Breez Fresh ERV motors demonstrate exceptional strength, outperforming competitors with airflow ratings tested using MERV13 filters and Fault Indicator Display (FID) to comply with California’s 2022 Building Efficiency Standards, Title 24.
  • The Breez Ceiling Fan, Seagull series, adorned with dimmable LED module, showcases a slim blade design for both elegance and efficient airflow. The Gracious Curve, with its 120-degree rounded corner design and smooth lines, transforms any space into a sanctuary of style and comfort. Weighing only 11.5 lbs., the fan body is light, and plug-in slots for blades facilitate time-saving installation, providing homeowners with an effortless experience.

Visitors are welcome to explore Delta’s Commercial, Industrial, and Residential building venues, all designed to create smart buildings for a sustainable future at the Delta Electronics Americas booth #S6123, from January 22-24.

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