Position Control in a Vacuum Environment by Control Techniques

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July 7, 2022


Applied Motion Systems, a systems integrator and machine builder in Vancouver, WA, has deployed several servo positioning systems that operate in vacuum environments utilizing Control Techniques’  Unidrive M700, including aerospace ion beam welding systems and casting mold positioning systems.

Despite the challenges of deploying a casting mold servo positioning system in a vacuum environment, Applied Motion Systems was able to do just that with a high degree of confidence thanks to the flexibility and reliability of Control Techniques Unidrive M700 drives. After calculating a maximum DC bus voltage of 63 volts to prevent corona arcing within the environment, AMS assessed multiple drive platforms and found that only Control Techniques offered standard drives capable of operating under this non-standard voltage limit.

Not only did these drives satisfy the most arduous requirement of the project, but they also came with a slew of other benefits like compatibility with a semi-customized servo motor with resolver feedback, high-quality position control, flexibility across motor types, and easily integrated “PLC  Controlled Motion”. When it comes to unique and demanding applications such as these, Applied  Motion Systems knows to look no further than Control Techniques.

Carson Schlect, Systems Engineer at Applied Motion Systems, Inc. notes, “Implementing position control of Unidrive M700 drives with a third-party PLC turned out to be a streamlined, user-friendly  process that required minimal effort thanks to Control Techniques’ PLC Controlled Motion.”
Watch this video to see the Applied Motion Systems case study
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