New qualification program from Pilz – Systematic approach to further training

Sept 4, 2019

Pilz has developed a new international qualification programme for professional advancement in the field of machinery safety and automation. The result is a training programme that meets individual requirements for gaining further qualifications within companies. All over the world, the qualification concept guides training delegates from basic knowledge through to TÜV-certified expert level.

The content and structure of the training courses are designed so that interested parties can plan their personal qualification path: The programme enables you to enter at your own level and continue training up to the desired standard of qualification. One special feature of the training programme is that it is internationally harmonised. Pilz provides the various levels and qualification paths in the individual countries, to the same standard and in the local language.

Setting standards
So small organisations can easily bring employees to the same level of knowledge all over the world. Larger companies can implement whole continuing education programmes with Pilz, systematically advancing their employees as well as implementing qualification standards company-wide.
In practice the programme comprises four different levels. The content of each increases in complexity and builds on one another, depending on the subject area.

Become an expert, level by level
“Introduction” level training courses require no special prior knowledge of the respective subject area. Delegates attend seminars or use E-Learning such as the web based training course “Machinery safety –
Introduction and practical implementation” to gain an introduction to the subject. This gives them a good overview, from which they can go on to specialise.
At “Fundamental” level Pilz provides all the relevant fundamentals to achieve a good technical understanding, such as in the ”Risk assessment for machinery workshop” for example. For the “Advanced” level, delegates should already have good prior knowledge and experience in a subject area. In courses such as “Basics of CE marking” they deepen their knowledge and expand their professional skills in key areas.
The “Expert” level is intended as the step to becoming an absolute specialist in a subject area. Qualifications such as ”CECE – Certified Expert in CE Marking” are always validated and certified by an external testing organisation.

Pilz offers interactive training on all levels in accordance with the latest educational concepts. In addition to machinery safety, automation and technology, the training courses also cover current topics from alternative subject areas.

“Further training is a never-ending process. We have observed that the significance of continuous further training and personnel development is continuing to grow in companies. This is where our programme fits in. Progressive, modular and totally individual,” explained Andreas Schott, Head of the Pilz Academy.

Further information about the training available at Pilz is available HEREhere

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