Ty-Rap® TyGenic™ – The Industry’s First Two-Piece Detectable + Antimicrobial Cable Tie

December 14, 2022

Ty-Rap® TyGenic™ – The industry’s first two-piece Detectable + Antimicrobial cable tie

In response to the needs of customers in food and beverage processing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and other contamination-sensitive industries, ABB introduces the industry’s first two-piece cable tie that is both resistant to the growth of microbes and detectable by x-ray, visual and metal detection systems.

To learn more about their TyGenic products, click here 

TyRap® Tygenic™ antimicrobial detectable cable ties provide no antimicrobial inhibitory activity beyond protection of the cable ties themselves. The image shown in this video is a computer generated representation of microbial growth presented for illustrative purposes only. It does not reflect actual lab results. 

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