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November 7, 2022

The Machinery Safety Evaluation provides a comprehensive overview of the safety and conformity status of the machinery tested under the scope of this evaluation. You also receive a list of measures or check list to quickly derive the measures needed to optimise safety and compliance with the applicable laws, standards and directives.

Efficient overview of the conformity status of your machinery

Have some of your machines been in operation for a long time and has it been a while since their safety and conformity criteria were assessed? Or have you bought a pre-used plant or machine? Then the first thing you will generally need is a straightforward overview of the safety status of these machines in accordance with the current legal position and applicable standards. You will also need information about any urgent upgrade measures you may need to carry out in order to meet the applicable machinery safety requirements, in accordance with the Machinery Directive, for example. Furthermore, you will need to have full liability protection.

PILZ’s services

They will evaluate multiple machines in your production plant with regard to the applicable safety and conformity requirements. In the process, they will not only take into account the applicable laws, standards and directives at the machine’s place of use or destination, but also your individual in-house specifications, upon request.

They’ll provide you with all the relevant information about the machines’ safety status, at the required technical level. As a result, you not only get a clear, comprehensive dashboard with all the evaluations, but also a list of measures with all the recommended actions. With their machinery safety check list, you have a quick and convenient overall view of all the machines under consideration. There are two versions of the Machinery Safety Evaluation; you can choose the option that’s right for you.

Services package tailored individually to your requirements

There are 2 options for this service; you can choose the one that’s right for you. This can contain the following:

 Level 1Level 2
Conformity with safety status  
Evaluation of compliance with the safety requirements, with all non-conformances listed. The requirements-based check list contains a description, as well as an evaluation of each requirement with the corresponding conformity status. Both compliance with the regulations and the evaluation are displayed in a graphic format (dashboard).
Evaluation of the main risks  
 Evaluation of the major risks, based on the selected methodology: including reference to the requirement, a risk classification and a description. √ 
Documentation check  
 Provides an overview of whether all the documentation required for a machine is present and adequate.  √
Law and conformity / company specifications  
Provides an overview of the conformity status based on company requirements and in consideration of international and domestic requirements, for example the “Use of Work Equipment Directive 2009/104/EC”. 
Evaluation of the major safety subfunctions  
Evaluation of the maximum achievable PLr for each tested subfunction. Component quality, architecture, diagnostics and error reaction are assessed. 
Risk reduction / recommended actions  
List of all non-compliances and the associated risk reduction measures to bring the machine in line with the relevant standards. √
Cost estimate for upgrade  
Based on the catalogue of measures, an estimate is produced of the costs to bring the machine in line with the relevant standards. 

Your benefits at a glance

The Machinery Safety Evaluation from Pilz is a fast, efficient procedure for obtaining an overview of the conformity with relevant machinery safety requirements. Our technical evaluation of your machines saves you time and costs.

  • Cost optimisation We agree the evaluation’s level of detail with you in advance and adapt this to your individual requirements. There are 2 versions of this service; you can choose the one that’s right for you.
  • Proof of conformity and liability protection The result is a dashboard with a clear overview of each plant or machine – tailored to your requirements. So you have an overview of the current conformity status. We’ll also work out what action is required and prioritise the individual action areas. That makes it particularly resource-friendly for you.
  • Safety The Machinery Safety Evaluation has been specifically developed for existing machines. All checks and evaluations ensure that you have a direct overview of the safety status and action required for the machinery inspected.
  • Efficiency You can individually re-use the results dashboard and individual reports internally; these documents are already preconfigured with many evaluation options.
  • Compliance with your corporate policies You can add your individual auditing standards to our evaluation at any time. That way, your own policies can also be considered right from the start.
  • International You can apply the same methodology in all your sites worldwide. And you can transfer the results from a machine in one country to a similar machine in a different country.

You too can benefit from these services.

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