Panel Building, Made Smarter. With Rittal and EPLAN

December 24, 2020

Rittal and EPLAN are starting the New Year by offering a chance to make their customers’ value-creating processes faster, more economical and more exact, with a value-filled event entitled “Panel building. Made smarter.” This is a great opportunity to attend this event live from anywhere around the World:

Jan 25 (North & South America): Click here

Jan 26 (EMEA Countries): Click here

Jan 27 (APAC Countries): Click here

Grand Incentive

For Canadian customers, Rittal and EPLAN are offering one lucky customer, a chance to win a tour of our Innovation Centre in Germany by just registering for this event. The winner will be determined by a lucky draw conducted at the end of the event and will be notified after the event.*

Combine Forces for Value Creation

By joining Rittal and Eplan, the audience will be able to experience the potential of the integrated value chain online, as well as to take a trip through efficient working methods in panel building and switchgear system manufacturing. Rittal and EPLAN will be presenting innovative solutions for every step of the value chain – from engineering to procurement and production, and even through to commissioning and service.

In North America, the virtual doors will open at 11am ET on January 25th, to enable all to participate in fascinating live presentations and workshops, as well as being inspired by customers in a best practice session. Additionally, experts from both Rittal and EPLAN will also personally be available for you and can answer all your questions in the chat.


The agenda will open with Michael Jeschke, Vice President Sales Americas, Eplan, and Koen Wolfcarius, Executive Vice President Americas, Rittal, welcoming you with an introduction on how Rittal and EPLAN can become your strong partners for sustainable panel building and switchgear manufacturing.

The highlight of the event will be a live tour of Rittal and EPLAN’s Innovation Centre in Haiger, Germany, to enable customers to witness with their own eyes how to optimize their panel building processes with the concept of the ‘digital twin’ , by the digital integration and end-to-end data transfer from engineering to service.

This will be followed with a session from a joint Rittal-EPLAN customer offering practical insights and best practices from their own unique experience.

Lastly, there will be various Deep Dive sessions on various topics from Rittal global experts. such as:

  •    –   Integrated planning: Conception and construction in 3D
  •    –   Rittal Configuration System: The new dimension of configuration
  •    –   Enclosure Manufacturing: Optimising the Modification Workflow
  •    –   Wire fabrication and wiring: Optimised with Rittal and Eplan Exhibit Hall Booths

Click here for the agenda


Rittal and EPLAN will share their latest industry-leading, energy-efficient solutions, and introduce you to some of the most innovative technology in the industry at the Infocenter, where we offer information in different languages about our integrated products and services. You will have access to a range of videos, literature and links to our websites where you can learn more about our products and solutions.

Register now at: Panel building. Made smarter. (

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