PILZ’s New Training Programme for 2022 – Now Even More Digital!

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February 14, 2022

PILZ offers a comprehensive range of continuing training around machinery safety and automation. Because anyone dealing with plant and machinery should have one thing above all: up-to-date information on machinery safety. Capitalise on PILZ’s expertise and customise your individual training program. They would be happy to advise you personally at any time about the planning of your individual further training.


PILZ International Network: Further Training Around the World

An increasingly networked world places news demands on the automation and those who work with it. Our subsidiaries all over the world support you with training on the same level globally and in your local language.

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Qualification Concept

For even more success by professional development, contents and structure of PILZ’s trainings are designed in a way as to optimise this for your personal qualification. Follow your individual qualification path for even more success by professional development. With PILZ’s qualification programme you can build up your knowledge gradually and continue training up to the required degree of qualification. Their training courses are divided into four levels – from introduction level to expert certification. You can enter on the required level at any time, and many training courses build on one another as regards content.

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Training Offered:


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Your Benefits

  • •Experienced international trainers with many years of practical experience will train you.
  • •PILZ will provide practical solutions – even for complex issues of machine safety and automation.
  • •PILZ training includes practical examples, and it is supported by practical exercises, e.g. at 3D machine models.
  • •PILZ product training provides all the knowledge for efficient working during all the phases of the machine’s lifecycle. This will save you time and costs.
  • •Attend one of PILZ’s certified qualifications! Following successful participation, you will receive an internationally valid TÜV certificate as proof of your qualification.

DCS PILZ New Training Programme for 2022 4 400




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