DESMI Pumps Now Available Across Canada Through Wajax

January 13, 2021

In early October of 2020, Wajax was proud to announce its Canadian distribution of DESMI Pumps. DESMI is a major manufacturer of pumping solutions including internal gear pumps and DESMI specializes in industrial pumping solutions, which handle various liquids and applications. DESMI Pumps are developed and produced to meet the ISO 9001 quality certification. Wajax now sells the vast product line of DESMI ROTAN pumps for use in a wide range of industries – from food and beverage to pulp and paper to asphalt and bitumen and much more.  DESMI ROTAN pumps are known for their reliability, productivity and performance.

DESMI ROTAN pumps are available in cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel external and stainless steel with pumping capacity up to 250 M³/hr. The DESMI ROTAN internal gear pump provides favourable flow conditions, as the direction of the liquid flow only changes slightly as liquid flows through the pump. DESMI ROTAN pumps are available with a 180° and 90° angular configuration and the modular pump design makes maintenance and inspection easier. Available in six smaller sizes, complete with heating/cooling jacketing, DESMI ROTAN pumps are a versatile and cost-effective option for diverse environments and applications.

“Wajax is excited to offer the DESMI ROTAN gear pump to the Canadian market. With excellent pumping solutions for the markets Wajax serves, we are confident our customers will see significant advantages when they use DESMI products as part of their process and in their facilities.” Mike Damen, Manager, Fluid Handling, Wajax.

“DESMI chose Wajax because of their national reach and wide spanning industry coverage. We are excited to partner with such a strong Canadian player; Wajax has an experienced pump group, established across Canada. The Wajax team connects with progressive customers looking for opportunities to improve their processes. This partnership makes sense and we are all enthusiastic at the potential.” Roger McNeill, Vice President Sales, DESMI Canada Inc.


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