Festo Showcases its Latest Automation Innovations at Pack Expo Connects

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November 4, 2020

Festo has packaged a mix of innovative products with live product demonstrations for Pack Expo Connects November 9-13.

Live demonstrations include:

  •    –   Automation solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic – new products for life science companies developing respiratory care products, packaging, high volume sample analysis equipment, and vaccines production systems
  •    –   Low cost and easy to use electric alternatives to pneumatic actuators with built in I/O link functionality for IIoT communications – the Simplified Motion Series
  •    –   The CPX-AP-I next generation of distributed I/O for pneumatics and electric automation on a single modular platform for advantages such as predictive maintenance and quick commissioning 
  •    –   The benefits from FSMA and other food safety regulations in terms of energy savings and improved machine availability

Additional live demonstrations from Festo showcase process automation for the food industry, the latest adaptive grippers for end-of arm-tooling, and harnessing the power of product traceability in smart manufacturing. Each presentation will be 15 minutes in length with two per day. The schedule of live demonstrations can be found on the Festo Pack Expo Connects show page.

The Festo virtual booth will feature 10 automation products, including the Motion Terminal for digitalization of pneumatics, the smart Multi-Carrier conveyor for increased flexibility, and the CPX-E modular controller/VTUG valve terminal combination for increasing the density of I/O in a control cabinet and for minimizing tubing to make installation faster and less complex. Visitors to the virtual booth will be able to chat with Festo product and application personnel, access product videos, and download literature.

For more information, visit www.festo.com.

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