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DCS-28-Sealcon-VariaPro-400.jpgAugust 30, 2021

The VariaPro line of Cable Glands is made for enduring extremes. It could be hot, cold, or acid the VariaPro line is ready. These are the cable glands for particularly extreme requirements. Each of the three varieties of the Varia Line: Varia ProVaria Temp, Varia Chem, has its own area of expertise. The standard VariaPro it was designed for the demanding needs of the European Rail but also can be used in most standard applications.

The PRO has very high fire protection requirements (DIN EN 45545-2 and 45545-3) and can withstand flames for 30 minutes with its EPDM Seal. All of the VariaPro’s are made out of Nickel-plated brass with protection class of IP 68 – 10 bar with Metric threading.

The VariaPro TEMP is made for applications as cold as the artic circle (-60° C or -76° F) or heat extreme (200° C or 392° F) with its VMQ (silicone) Seal. Making the VariaPro TEMP well suited for applications in refrigeration, industrial ovens or steel and metal industry.

The VariaPro CHEM is aimed at sectors of the processing industry and is particularly resistant to acids and chemicals with its FKM Seal. The CHEM is well suited for applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology or chemical industries.

Additional features for all the VariaPro Line include a molded seal for integrated EMC protection. The VariaPro cable glands also have an anti-twist protection, ensures that the cable and molded seal do not twist during installation, thus loose their seal. The VariaPro also has low profile, helping to save space in tight applications.


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