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MC ABBs New Ty Rap TyGenic Antimicrobial Detectable Cable Ties 1 400

ABB’s new Ty-Rap® TyGenic™ cable ties are the industry’s first two-piece cable tie that is both antimicrobial* and detectable. They are over 99 percent effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms and detectable by x-ray, visual and metal detection systems. Ty-Rap® TyGenic™ cable ties help protect against costly contamination and waste in food and beverage and pharmaceutical processing, healthcare, and hygiene-critical locations.



 DCS MENNEKES New SDS Motor Disconnects 1 400MENNEKES' latest stainless steel motor disconnects, the SDS Series, are available 30A, 60A and 100A and come standard with Early Break and Late Make auxiliary contacts. Complinace and performance features include suitable as motor disconnect per 2002 NEC Artilce 430-109, UL Standard 508 Assemblies, Environmental NEMA Type 4X; 12; IP69K, and UV Resistance, to name a few. Check out their video to learn more.



DCS Machine power Connectors from Murrelektronik 1 400

Machines, and systems, need power. Reliable, easy to install and safe to operate. Simple solutions for supplying power to machines and systems are in demand. MQ15 connectors from Murrelektronik meet this requirement. The connectors are easy to install thanks to the tool-free quick connection. A ¼-turn is all that is needed for an IP67 rated connection. The innovative quick connect system reduces assembly time for new installations, service, and maintenance by up to 80 percent.



DCS MELTRIC Announces New DSN100 Plud and Ply Receptacle 1 400

MELTRIC recently announced DSN100, a new 100 A plug and receptacle. This new model is a Switch-Rated, 100 A, 600 VAC plug and receptacle fitted with DECONTACTORTM technology for peak performance and user safety. This technology allows their Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles to be safely connected and disconnected under full load, up to 200A and 100 hp, in wet or dry conditions. They combine the safety and functionality of a disconnect switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle in one device.



DCS M8 and M12 Connectors in New Design Pepperl Fuchs 1 400

Robust components, high flexibility and international standardization: M8 and M12 connectors are the standard in factory automation. In this blog article, you will learn more about the new design of M8 and M12 connectors from Pepperl+Fuchs. Due to numerous technical optimizations, these connectors provide you with highly robust and durable connection technology that is easy and efficient to handle—from installation to maintenance.



DCS Panduit Launcehs Improved PanMPO Fibre Connector 1 400

Panduit Corp. announces the launch of its improved PanMPO Fiber Connector, redesigned to include key new features for an improved in-field user experience. The connector now includes a narrower connector body and a new push-pull boot that allows for improved manageability in high-density installations. 



DCS Panduit Launches FlexCore Optical Distribution Frame 1 400

Panduit Corp. announces the launch of its new FlexCore™ Optical Distribution Frame [ODF], a versatile front-access cabling system that provides necessary protection for critical connections. Utilizing innovative cable management and simple, intuitive cable routing, the FlexCore ODF simplifies and reduces time for moves, adds, and changes. With standard doors with locks and optional locks for each enclosure, the FlexCore ODF solution enables multi-tiered security that is important for multiple client access.



Phoenix Contact is extending its range with new RJ45 BUILDING series patch cables. With the cable sheath in the Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) material class, the shielded patch cables are ideally suited for future-proof cabling solutions in building automation.





DCS Panduit T6A UTP Sheilded Field Term Plug Panduit 1 400

The Shielded Field Term Plug joins the existing TX6A™ UTP Field Term Plug on the market. Much easier to terminate in the field than typical modular plugs or competing field terminable plugs, the virtue of having to only handle two parts to the TX6A™ Field Term Plugs provide a more compact size to meet the varied needs of PoE devices.  Devices such as wireless access points, security cameras and sensors are a few of the many that deliver an effective ease and cost savings in your network.



The Phoenix Contact portfolio now includes the new RJ45 patch cables for industrial applications. The RJ45 INDUSTRIAL patch cable series enables data speeds of up to 10 Gbps in accordance with CAT5 and CAT6A and is particularly suitable for Industrial Ethernet and PROFINET environments.




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