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DCS Integrate DC Devices into Work Area with AC Power Banner 1 400

The new SPS30 AC/DC In-Line Power Converter is a compact, cost-effective device that makes it easy to connect sensors and indicators that use DC power to a production line using AC. The SPS30 accepts 100­­­–240 V AC at its input and converts that voltage to 24 V DC at its output. 



DCS New Sub Compact Light Weight Pressure Sensor from Gems Sensors 1 400

At less than 25mm length (+ lead-wires) and 13mm diameter our new pressure sensor “packs a punch” offering the same robust performance as similar pressure sensors at a quarter of the size. Common applications include diversified industrial, professional hand tools, fire rescue, and construction.



DCS Mersen Launches Non Indicating Class RK Fuse Series 1 400

Mersen is pleased to announce non-indicating versions of its popular A2D and A6D Series Class RK1 fuses. With this introduction, the Class RK1 Time Delay fuse series now offers a full range of ampere ratings between 8-600A in both indicating and non-indicating categories. 



DCS Additional Safety Mats Edges and Bumpers from AutomationDirect 1 400

AutomationDirect has added additional safety mats, edges, and bumpers from ASO Safety Solutions. These safety products protect people and machinery from harm. Mats detect the presence of personnel on horizontal surfaces (usually the floor), edges can be used on any surface, usually near possible crushing or shearing points, and bumpers are used in applications involving vehicles or other moving equipment.



MC Festos New Const Effective One Way Flow Valve 1 400

Festo’s new manually adjustable VFOE meets all the criteria users are seeking in a one-way flow control valve for either supply or exhaust air in standard industrial applications. With its compact, polymer body design, the VFOE is both smaller and up to 50% lighter than comparable metal-bodied flow control valves. That polymer difference and customized manufacturing allow Festo to offer VFOE as a low-cost option which doesn’t sacrifice Festo’s renowned quality.



DCS Emersons New Emergency Shutdown Discrete Valve Controller 1 400

Recently, Emerson introduced the TopWorxTM DX PST with HART® 7. Units provide valuable valve data and diagnostic information, enabling the digital transformation of process applications. The new DX PST integrates seamlessly with existing valves and control systems, giving operators access to critical valve data, trends, and diagnostics that can be used to predict and schedule maintenance.



DCS reliable Object Recognition w Optical Sensors PILZ 1 400

Optical sensors detect an object by emitting light beams, which are reflected by the material. In this way, reliable object detection can also be guaranteed for shiny or reflective objects. The sensors do not fulfil a safety function. However, they do emit a switching signal, which is evaluated by safe control technology from Pilz, such as the small controller PNOZmulti 2 or the modular safety relay myPNOZ. For example, optical sensors are used in solutions for packaging machines for safe monitoring of carton infeed. The solution is TÜV-SÜD-certified for PL d / SIL 2.



Allied Electronics Supplies Siemens SIRIUS Safety Relays 1 400

Allied Electronics & Automation supplies Siemens' SIRIUS 3SK safety relays, which deliver flexible, consistent, cost-effective and user-friendly solutions for a comprehensive range of autonomous safety applications, as well as simplify the planning, commissioning and expansion of today's modern industrial plants. They are designed for quick implementation and, without any programming, enable the fail-safe monitoring of mechanical and electronic sensor safety functions, sensor leads and shutdown circuit actuators, as well as their own functionality, and execute safety-related disconnections when dangers arise. 



DCS CLICK PLUS PLC by Automation Direct 1 400

The CLICK PLUS PLC Series combines the simplicity of the original CLICK with advanced features you wouldn't expect from a simple low-cost controller. Data logging, multi-axis motion control, Wi-Fi connectability, MQTT communication and increased security measures are just a few of the impressive features offered with the CLICK PLUS PLC series.



DCS New HPS Centurion D1 dVdT Filter 1 400

Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) has a new addition to their line of power quality products – HPS Centurion D1 dV/dT Filter. The HPS Centurion D1 is designed for use between variable frequency drives (VFD’s) and motors when long lead lengths are used. It combines an inductor and parallel resistor network to mitigate both high frequency components and voltage spikes between the VFD and motor.



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